I could get it up for long enough.

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by papaG, Sep 18, 2021.

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    Had a very embarrassing experience a few days ago. This chick, plain Jane. A bit chubby. I have always been seeing her around some local joints. Hosted her one night as it got too late. Nothing happened. Flashforward to last Thursday. Me and my boys are having drinks. She pops up. We have a nice chat. I think I was drunk. Invited her over. One thing led to the other. I used protection. I couldn't O. Still hard. She tried everything including riding me. She told me that she had had enough, I told her to just get off me and we slept. Next morning, I tried to redeem myself...twice I would get hard, but I couldn't get in her cause I kept going soft....blamed it on the alcohol (plus I have mad anxiety over getting disease)....we talked a bit, she dressed up and left, I went to work. I hope that she doesn't come back. So, folks, im I paying for years of PMO or is it something else. I don't feel like I could get sexually excited very soon.
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    I think it is something else. Look at your streak, you should theoretically be "healed". Maybe you were just not into her. Not in the right mood. Beats me.

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