I couldn't wish for more... but will it stay like that (my sex drive)

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    Before NoFap: zero morning woods & zero spontaneous erections in several years; zero sex drive; zero motivation to talk to the girls; unable to get hard to normal (naked) woman.

    After 48 days of NoFap: every morning there is morning wood; almost every time when I look at woman on street with nice curves or big cleavage I have spontaneous erection; EPIC sex drive; so motivated to talk to almost every girl I have opportunity to. Moreover my confidence is so high but when I start to talk to girl on street and at the same time I get a boner ( because she is so sexi - happens almost everytime) my confidence absolutely skyrockets and I literally feel as Bradley Cooper in movie Limitless when on NZT.

    And I also want to point out that on day 45 I had normal sex with a woman, and thanks god all these things didin't disappeared at all: basically on day 46 (1 day after sex) my sexdrive and all above described things were exactly same as on day 44 (after 44 day of no masturbation and no sex).

    So right now I couldnt wish for more, I can say that my dreams that I even dont dare to dream come true. But will it stay like that? Is this my normal sex drive? Or will my sex drive fade away after same time?
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    Are you seriously?
  3. Ariadne's thread

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    Congratulations and thank you for increasing my motivation :) I hope the same will happen to me.
  4. Thanks for motivating us!! really appreciate it, and you are doing pretty good, keep it up.
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    its great to read what you saying.. you give us all and me personally a lot of motivation and will power to go on in this hard journy. thx and all the best for you!
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