I dare you to write 3 positive things everyday!!!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by I can overcome, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Venkat19

    Venkat19 Fapstronaut

    Got over with my last exam! Here comes my next semester!

    Had cakes

    Woke up early
  2. PanteriMauzer

    PanteriMauzer Fapstronaut

    Less 1 day to get the vaccine

    Didnt got killed by a car on the street

    My intestines work quite well
  3. 1. Woke up alive and well
    2. Pain in kidneys seems to be gone
    3. Did yoga, feeling flexible again
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  4. I can overcome

    I can overcome Fapstronaut

    1. Had a really great sleep.
    2. I will pace myself and not do things excessively.
    3. Looking forward to 2 days off.
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  5. V∧DΞR

    V∧DΞR Fapstronaut

    1) Finally had 8hrs of sleep, felt awesome.
    2) Getting into the habit of meditating daily (slowly).
    3) Started planning for next two weeks to make it super productive(I never thought I would do that).
  6. Beingpure

    Beingpure Fapstronaut

    1.Have a luxurious veggies and fruits smothie.
    2.I logged in this site and get some useful informs after several relapses.
    3.A brave lady started an anti-pornhub petition on Change.org and get more
    than 10,000 signatures.Hope there will be more similiar petitions.
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  7. Had a good sleep then cold shower
    Feeling energized
    Cold coffee
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  8. Venkat19

    Venkat19 Fapstronaut

    Met my best friend after 1 year 8 months! Amazing day!

    Parents did not stop me from visiting the friend.

    Understood better about myself
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  9. I just wanted to say something.
    I think everyone has to try this! I see that there are so many people who seem to respect those things that happen in their lives. We have more love towards things, we are happier just by writing down this stuff. It really makes me smile, it makes me happy - to realize that there's so much to say about your day! So much positive stuff no matter what!
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  10. Venkat19

    Venkat19 Fapstronaut

    So true! Can't agree more.
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  11. Venkat19

    Venkat19 Fapstronaut

    Thanked my friends who made my day special

    Talked to another friend after a long time

    Had a lot to think
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  12. Had a nice workout
    Had fun at work
    Eating tasty cake now
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  13. Ngo27

    Ngo27 Fapstronaut

    Feeling in a bit of a rut can make it tough to express the positive things
    Positive reminders
    1. My savings are steadily building up
    2. One small change is enough each day
    3. Chance to make a good NoFap streak to end the year
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  14. 1. I'm alive. I no longer want to have losers mentality.
    2. This morning I realized that I actually feel good for others success instead of faking that happiness.
    3. I'm on NoFap. I'm in this beautiful place of growth and beauty.
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  15. I can overcome

    I can overcome Fapstronaut

    Its been a few days since I posted and I'm not happy about it. Its my own fault and I own that I did not do what I am suppose to do. No relapses or anything. Just put NoFap aside.
    1. Had a great daybwith my granddaughter and loved every minute of it.
    2. Went to see my osteopath and she turned me to hamburger. Felt great.
    3. Rested the rest of the day.
    4. Enjoying the snowfall as I drink my coffee.
    5. Gonna study for a bit, my exam is very close.
    6. Going to stay calm and nice no matter what is going on, don't need to be rude.
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  16. AJ777

    AJ777 Fapstronaut
    NoFap Defender

    Woke up this morning - am alive and breathing and have an opportunity to make today a great day
    Got some new BRCC coffee that I am having this morning and was excited to try
    I get to go to work today (I work PT) and make some money!
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  17. Venkat19

    Venkat19 Fapstronaut

    Talked to a friend over phone. Was better than the mess I made last time

    Finished reading this novel: "The Midnight Library" by Matt Haig (The Midnight Library by Matt Haig | Goodreads). An awesome novel for everyone. It made me feel the value of living.

    Made myself a treat with chapati and jaggery
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  18. 1. Alive
    2. More flexible than ever
    3. Did push ups, squats all day. Feels great!
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  19. alameda

    alameda Fapstronaut

    1. I am alive
    2. made it to 4 days without porn
    3. i have a roof over my head
  20. Thedaveisdead

    Thedaveisdead Fapstronaut

    1) Doing a 30 min HIIT workout and calisthenics worjout rather that banging myself.
    2)Only eating healthy food and staying at the range of 1600-2000 calories a day.
    3)Before noFap -could do 0 pushups after 6 months of training .
    After noFap -Could do one pushups with 5 days of training and now I can do ten pushups in a row.
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