I desperately need your help, 30 years old , foot fetish PIED here

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by SolaireofAstora, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. SolaireofAstora

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    Hi there, guys, thats my first post in this forums.
    First off, im completely impressed by how mature and articulate you are, when you help people in need. This forum earned my complete trust. Secondly, im brazilian, therefore english is not my mother language, so pardon me for incoming glaring broken english.

    Before i get to the heart of the problem, some information about me:

    1) 30 years old, huge foot fetish since i was born. I absolutely love vaginas, butts, etc, but i think i like feet a bit more. thats why , when i masturbate, 99% of times i think about foot content.

    2) ive always been an avid porn/ computer games basement dweller, in spite of having a good looking and fit body. (since i was a child i love sports, love boxing, pilates and swimming). My main issue is having ZERO social life.

    3) needless to say, 99% of my sexual encounters have been a disaster thanks to DECADES of masturbation and porn. Thank you erectile dysfunction!

    4) I tried a nofap hard mode streak 3 years ago, but gave up after 5 days and thought that all this stuff is bullshit.

    5) after turning 30 years, i reflected on my own life, and started reading these forums A LOT.

    6) Im on a 16 days streak currently, and thanks to my motivations, my newfound sense of urgency about how many years of life i completely WASTED, its being dead easy to maintain this streak. my guess is that im NOT addicted to porn, but to masturbation (to some degree, i guess).

    7) i only felt the "superpowers" on day 4, it was AMAZING. im having a lot of flatline and nasty blue balls. Still NO morning woods.

    Now to the heart of the problem:

    Im completely in love with a very very hot girl that i met thanks to a dating app. We will spend this whole weekend in a very cozy and luxurious resort/lodging in the countryside, it will be the first time ill have sex with her, and im completely terrified of being humiliated again by my foot fetish PIED, as i know i need at least 90 days to recover (im on day 16 today, ill be 20 days this weekend) Im also have a VERY hard time putting condoms.

    To experience this humiliation again with a very hot and amazing girl , this will be a big, big ,big fuck you.

    I know the problem is within my head, and by thinking about this issue only make thinks worse, but im sure you understand. im not very confident.

    Im also afraid to resort to blue pills, the whole addiction stuff, etc.

    What would you guys do in my shoes?

    I thank you all in advance, thank you for being great people and helping a lot of human beings. Im looking forward for your feedback.
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  2. 4DCreator

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    Same here, exact same situation. I have very huge feet fetish and always had even as a very small child. I also have an anal fetish (women only of course) so I have 2 strong fetishes :D Good luck with your meeting.
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  3. Mibesti

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    You should be fine by now. I am on a 25 days streak and I get morning woods every day. It's like I can do push up's using the thing to balance my body. I have regained a lot of feelings on that area and my balls are bigger. So I don't know if it's same for everyone, but after a few days it's like almost everything start to wake up.
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  4. SolaireofAstora

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    Nevermind, the meeting has been canceled.

    Im still scared to death that she calls me in order for us to have sex elsewhere. Im on 19 days streak, and i still dont feel confident, i still dont have morning woods.
    My only hope is that i have NEVER been this long without PMO. As i said, my biggest streak was 5 days, so i dont know exactly how i would function on a 19 days streak.
    Anyway, i do hope she postphones the booty call.

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