I did something majorly wrong please help

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Jojo man, Jan 2, 2019.

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    it’s been awhile since I watch porn, which is good but when I use to be addicted to porn I was obsessed with “shemale” porn and last night I slept with one and i honestly didn’t enjoy it at all, I feel horrible. Because I’m a heterosexual male I find female attractive not man but do to the fact that I’ve been fascinated by that type porn it created a urge for me to be with a transgender woman, which in reality I don’t. I really enjoy not watching porn I may relapse a few times by jacking off but for the past week I’ve been getting a hand on that. Just last night have me feeling super low, how can I move on guys ?
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    The most important thing is that you realize that porn brought you to where you were last night. At my worst I slept with a prostitute as well cause I could no longer deal with the frustration porn caused. Her pics weren't hers and she was probably over twice my age but I still went through with it and felt horrible afterwards. Point is, let it be a tipping point for you, a way out of the mess you've created because honestly porn will never ever satisfy you. All it does is create these obsessions and fetishes about something you assume to be pleasurable or hot but are far from it in real life.
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    Focus on working for better future instead dwelling on mistakes from past. What's most importand you know that it's porn that led you there. It's just your mind playing tricks and you will overcome it.
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    Thank you, it’s best to move on and learn from this mistake
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