I did twice PMO in a span of 3 hours, after battling for 10 days

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by john glorious, May 24, 2017.

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    Yeah, it was just like how the title says it. Right now feeling of guilt and shame surrounds me. But what bothers me most is that I did it twice in a row, when on the first time I should have learned. Please help me
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    We all have setbacks. Let me ask a few questions:

    What role did PMO serve in your life (stress management, social anxiety cover, etc.)?

    What healthy activities are you taking up to replace PMO?

    What other problems do you have in your life (i.e. high stress, financial problems, etc)?

    How are you working through those problems?

    You don't have to answer all of those things to us, but they're important. If for instance, you have social anxiety, every time you get anxious, you're going to be tempted to return to PMO. If you don't have an alternate activity to deal with that anxiety, PMO will likely occur. The idea is to not just break the cycle, but completely disassemble it.
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    I PMO'd 3 times today in one hour, get on my level notsrs, don't beat yourself up over it bro, just identify what made you relapse and where your triggers are at, create a strategy to overcome the situation in the future and move forward.
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    I think a lot of us have done that. For me I was chasing happiness which isn't to be found in PMO. You think you need more PMO because it isn't something that really makes you happy. The answer isn't more but none.

    I can specifically remember in such situations thinking my last PMO session didn't end with the perfect image. So I'd go again. The second time was always worse and left me mentally and physically drained, and really sad. I would feel great shame.

    I had a fall and binge after starting this effort to quit PMO. The urge to give up could be super strong now. A sense of hopelessness can overcome you. For me I felt the worst I ever had after my last binge. But it is important not to give up. You can get ten days and more again. Take notE of what happened. Remember how bad you feel from falling. Anytime you think about PMOing bring that feeling into your mind. That feeling is the reality of PMO not the brief pleasure of orgasm.
  5. My relapse was two in a row too, so, its ok. Just learn from this experience and strive to do better next time.
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    That post that LavaMe said. The horrible feeling you get after you did your wrong thing. So true. I've used that feeling as a reminder to help to ignore my temptation in looking at more.
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    So over the last 11 days you have masturbated twice? I am willing to bet that in the past it was MUCH more frequent? Remember, a slip does not erase all of your progress. Just dont let it become a relapse and full on binge!
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