I discovered i am into transwoman. Whats now?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by kriss93, Apr 22, 2019.

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    You discovered a lie btw.
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    Yes this edgy persona says a lot. I remember "sex educator" from yt, woman who used sexualised persona in videosa and her messege was "have as much sex as you can this is fun lol". It is unrespectful about peoples inner integrities, similary Contra does a lot of pushing towards acceptance of practices people are anxious abot, not getting rid of them. And this is dressed with this "heteronormative society of evil straight people represses you, just accept you like trans lol". And mentioning extreme reaction like murder and violence makes straight guys with a trans problem at the same side as murderers. This nothing but a manipulation.

    And if somebody claims that "are traps gay?" joke is about transwomen, then joke was not at all understood.
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    A sexual preference for MtF (trans women) is due to GAMP (gynandromorophophilia), a fetish that occurs in generally straight or bisexual men. Men with that fetish sometimes also have a fetish of wanting to crossdress or be trans themselves, which is called AGP (autogynephilia). However, they usually don't; GAMP can occur without AGP. I looked into the psychology on this due to the vast number of nofappers who have these issues... Once you see the pattern you realize how many GAMPs and AGPs there are here. Not sure how much of it is "porn-induced" but both of these types tend to use a lot of porn and then feel guilty about it, so they end up at forums like this one.

    When people say it's "not gay," they mean that most fully gay men don't fool around with MtF or cross-dressers, unless they're deeply repressed about their homosexuality. The sexual orientation of gay men is to want men who look male.
  4. that's very interesting, thanks for that. I almost never look at porn. I only chat to ts on social media or swinger sites, it gives more excitement than porn. I am of course trying to stop, which is why im here. In away i feel like talking about it triggers me a but, however think it could be of help at the same time.

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