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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by dap12345, Nov 20, 2022.

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    I struggle alot with low self confidence and social anxiety. I’m 20 days into nofap and haven’t seen much improvement only extreme hornyness that only seems to make things worse at times. People always talk about going to the gym and eating better to cure their depression and fix their confidence but i really can’t afford that shit, so I’m just looking for some advice on other techniques if any I can do on top of nofap too help with these things.
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    Depression can be the result of other issues that makes us feel hopeless. Let me start by asking a very simple question. What does your fruit and vegetable intake look like? You say you can not afford to eat well, so maybe we can start there.

    You also might want to look into cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. CBT has helped me identify issues that I struggle with and work on them. If you can identify bad cognitive patterns then it will be easier to focus on your areas of distress. If you can identify issues then we can help you better.
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    If you can't afford the gym. If you have a workout space in your home even if it's the living room I suggest doing HIT workouts to battle this. There's a ton on Youtube.
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    Same f*** happened to me brother same f***** and now I am crying in the bathroom and no one here is to feel me bro since I was in 12 age I daily did masterbation and as well in my school age everyone bully me and I get hurt so many time Just cause of low confidence and now I am facing the disease which name as social anxiety I can't go outside and make proper eye contact with anyone because of this this is an even my parents are saying that you are girl because you are doing activities like girl always stay in the house not boys do and I don't have much courage to talk with real world and I am scared as well brother
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    If you cannot hit the GYM , exercise at home . Do some exercises for abs . That is not bad too . Any exercise is better than no exercise
  6. I'm in the best shape of my life now.... i don't count calories or macros at all. Went vegan (ish) 5 years ago. Run 5 days a week. And rock climbing. That's it.
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