I don’t remember how to make friends

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  1. I have one, at least I can say one. Before this year I had none, and while he is away at university I have nobody else to speak to or call and see. To clarify this is not meant to rhyme it just happens to be flowing very well. The point: how do you make friends again? I’m clueless
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  2. Fullyawake

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    It requires regular communication and a genuine connection. Shared interests, etc. But honestly I can’t be bothered with social circles now.
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  3. fredisthebes

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    It takes a long time to make a friendship, it's easy to forget. Meeting people definitely helps though, and be ready to make a lot of small talk with a lot of people before you 'click' with somebody.
    Take up some hobbies, join some clubs. Talk to everyone you can - be curious, ask questions. Remember what they told you next time you meet, and ask how they are getting on with anything they told you about last time. Offer to help them if appropriate. Suggest meeting up for a drink or for a common interest. Some people aren't going to want to know, others will want to make friends.

    All obvious stuff really but the main point is it takes work to build friendships - you need to prioritise this and put the effort in, and you will get results!
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  4. need4realchg

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    Great thread!

    Friendship is obsolete in large part thanks to superfluous apps and networking platforms that simulate friendship, applaud selfishness, and denigrate actual intimate community.

    A friend is made by selfless sacrifice in service of another.

    Seek to serve another, and you can make them a friend.
  5. Kexas23

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    Thats okay so long as you don't become a door mat in the process. Don't be a nice guy.

    I recommend joining a club. Go to meetup.com and find something.
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  6. Meetup. Is it really that great? I have some across if a couple of times
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  7. Nomar

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    I’m right there with ya man my friends I grew up with are scattered in different places and I need to make more friends
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  8. Kexas23

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    I joined a group in June. I now have a solid group of friends just from one group. It really helped turn my life around. Having male friends is essential for a healthy life. Try it. You have nothing to lose.
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  9. HealingIsHard

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    I also feel the need for more friendships. My colleagues are the closest I've got in my day to day but it really ends at work for me. Gotta try the suggestion for joining a club but I'm stuck in a small town away from the city I grew up in.
  10. Infrasapiens

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    I have a group of college friends. All I did was say "Half-Life 3" and now we are good friends.
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  11. Such a simple message and so easy to do. I’ll try this in different settings

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