I dont get it, how to quit for longer than 2 weeks.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Gar Funkle, Jan 18, 2022.

  1. Gar Funkle

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    My brain is my enemy and I know it consciously, but i still continue to feed a habit I have deemed to be outdated and hated by myself.
    I don't even believe myself fully either, I know the answer but I ignore it for half baked dopamine draws.
    I also never want to give up fully again, let it just take over. If I do that I become lost in my own body. I want to find the answer, truly.
    I know I am fully capable of getting a gf and I am avoiding doing that since I may become out of control and become a sex addict with it.
    I have had very little self control for most of my life, I am just wondering if there is a trick that really does help boost my control over myself.
    I know also that I will eventually quit, for some reason I know it will happen one day its just being postponed everyday with wandering thoughts that lead to its reset.
    Would really appreciate some input from anyone out there with a trick that helped you.
  2. Prodigy Lightseeker

    Prodigy Lightseeker Fapstronaut

    Keep strong bro!

    I feel it, but you must never surrender! It's not easy, but worth it!

    For tips, open this forum and read success story (my recommendation) when urges strike you. Those panic button quite useful, actually.

  3. eagle rising

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    There is a very subtle "trick". That "trick" is learning stillness. Stop "panicking in the turbulent waters". How do you learn stillness? Simply practice it, like learning how to write or draw or something of that nature.
    What exactly do you do? One of the primary steps is to stop the practice of replacing one thing with another. There are hundreds of thousands of things to replace the current one. This replacement can go on endlessly, and it has. A GF is not a replacement for P. A replacement for P is inner peacefulness and happiness. Whenever urges come simply stop, sit down, close your eyes, and watch the urges, not becoming entangled with the activity, like you're the audience. If you get entangled you lose a lot of energy. This lost of energy is what makes it seem like you can't last more than a couple of weeks.

    A couple times a day just stop everything you are doing, sit down, close your eyes, breathe slowly and focus deeply on your breath. Whenever thoughts come tell yourself that you are not those thoughts and regain your attention on your breath. You might do this dozens of times and it might seem like nothing is changing, but stay the course. The changes are subtle. Through repeated practice you will notice the changes.
  4. ShotDunyun

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    I also suffer from the 2 week curse. Whenever I'm back in the habit, it's always incredibly difficult to get past 2 weeks.

    But the good news is that once I reach two weeks, I know that it will be a long streak, at least three months. One thing I have noticed is that determination is key. If I have the mindset of "well, IF I don't reach two weeks I can start again" or "it's not a big deal" I rarely get past those 2 weeks.

    On the other hand, when I feel really disgusted about myself and of this habit my mindset changes. I do everything on my reach to stop it, I think "I won't watch that shit anymore" without any doubt in my mind. Just like our brains trick us, we can also do the same to them.
  5. Donut Worry Be Happy

    Donut Worry Be Happy New Fapstronaut

    I wanna make it 2 weeks and beyond, we'll make it together
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  6. ProminentPosterior

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    Ngl, I wound up flicking my junk sometimes when the urges got real bad early on. It takes a conscious effort to hurt yourself, especially in that area, and that shift from acting compulsively to acting decidedly can help. Use the tool sparingly, though.
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  7. mark andrews

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    i usually relapse on day 7... so ama dive right in as we're almost alike.

    people say it always, but I'll repeat, the goal is to go hard mode and first clear PMO then stuff will get better.

    you talked about a girlfriend, but imagine getting one and stuff comes to light, she catches you doing porn and MO or u suffer from PIED while having sex. You'll feel terrible, probably lose her and go back to ur one true addictive MEDICINE. PMO. stuff happens in a cycle and you cant just look for a short cut. the cycle never ends.

    i'll recommend what am doing currently to help me avoid my rut.

    i switched to a dumb phone, gave up all social media apart from YouTube, but i'm also soon stopping its use.... some stuff on there is just porn

    i hope to reduce the stuff that stresses me.... chasing girls requires alot of confidence and energy that i dont usually have and when i try and fail... i feel terrible and relapse

    i hope to change employment, my current work stresses me too much and you know what stress does... yes . it leads you to more PMO

    i hope to go 30 days... tick my calendar off one day at a time as i instill healthier and newer interests into my life.

    The goal to salvation doesnt rely in what we do, but on instilling newer and healthier habits into our lives to overshadow the bad old ones... many of us have no healthy habits... we just have the bad ones and thats something i have realised about myself

    i'm trying to sleeo earlier, establish a little order in my life coz discipline makes things easier.... trust me if you force yourself to not use a smartphone late night when the brain is tired and semi conscious, then u wont have the chance to wonder on the internet and stumble onto some bad picture online that would then lead you to more.

    try everything you can to beat PMO... i gave up on my smartphone and even though YouTube triggers me a lot... am willing to cut it away, slow down my life and reduce the things that trigger me. and yes i also need more advise from you guys.

    stay strong. fight for your life.... coz yes the PMO industry is trying to hold our minds forever so they keep earning.
    dont edge... dont think a bad thought.... dont even look at a chics but. just recover.

    good luck though
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  8. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    I dont get it either
  9. mark andrews

    mark andrews Fapstronaut

    hang in there and fight
  10. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    I fight but i lost it, idk day 7 i cant think straight,, i cant even sleep that scene is daunting and haunting
  11. Upwards2020

    Upwards2020 Fapstronaut

    2 weeks im asking that at day 4. Stay strong keep going . Focus on the mark , when you hit that wall again , break barriers, that is when change is made . Be active that day , be aware this is your mark . That's what I've done I know day 4 is when I usually relapse . So the plan is to be aware of that and learn from it
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  12. Ghost79

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    Keep yourself constantly busy with something. Also install a porn blocker in your PC and smartphone.
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  13. AlexFightsAlex

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    This sentence is key. Basically, your primal brain is your enemy in this struggle, but it doesn't act in a rational level, it's a deeper one. That's why you end up doing it even when you don't like it. That's the dynamic of the addiction. It's very important to strengthen the rational part, by learning a lot about the rebooting process, by learning from others, by studying the effects of porn and how to overcome it, etc. But apart from a lot of good signals must be sent to the body, such us exercise, cold showers, meditation, prayer, internet filters, good habits. This complete approach is better. We must act in a rational level, but also in the non-rational level at the same time.
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