I Don't Relapse.

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    I came to know about NoFap through a YouTube video which I never watched.

    It's Thumbnail shows Pictures of "Albert Einstein" and Title was like "How Successful People uses "NoFap" to become Successful"

    I didn't know what NoFap is!! I thought it maybe some kind of Medicine or Supplement or Learning Process.

    So, before watching that YouTube Video. I searched about NoFap.

    And I was like.. hmmm so if i don't masturbate I'll become Superman or Thor.

    I'm living in a bunch of friends who're addicted to "Social Media" and Obsessed with "PMO". All they've is Porn and Porn. (Including Me)

    Well, I was already on a mission.

    Mission was to quit using "Social Media" and live the Real Life around me which I was missing. and in those days I came to know about NoFap.

    It came in Life when I really needed it..

    I was Overweight..
    I wandered Aimlessly..
    I wasn't doing any kind of Exercises..
    And I was always looking for perfect videos to Jerk Off.

    A complete Loser..

    And Then,

    This beautiful community came like A Beacon Light and Changed the whole scenario.

    I got something to do when I had nothing to do..

    I quit using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. etc.

    Working on my own Dreams and Passions.

    I started Running.. Cardio and Nutritional Diet. I'm spending more time with family talking about my future endeavors and you know what they actually started listening to me. and they themselves Saying that you're a changed man.

    3 weeks are Done already..

    August is Starting..

    And I'm ready to Hit it..

    Thank You NoFap.

    Superpowers are On the Way..
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  2. 3MichaelJMJ

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    You should include a day counter, an avatar and a signature. Also, a PMO journal thread could be helpful too... Don't rest on your laurels... Your battle is not over... I have seen guys relapse after 3 years on these threads. I did after 3 months and it has taken me over a year to get back in this forum... Keep progressing!
  3. Flossy Carter

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    Quitting PMO definitely makes you a very changed man.
    Everyone will start noticing it and you'll feel it the most.
    The benefits are amazing and endless.

    Keep going and never give up
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  4. Awesomej

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    congrats on your 3 weeks bro.
  5. SkyFallBack

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    Very proud of you man! Some of the self-help forums out there are such a gift for us to learn and talk to like-minded people. Find the trigger and replace it! It's all the game is.

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