I don't think I'm allowed to O honestly

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by GigglingTrout, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. GigglingTrout

    GigglingTrout Fapstronaut

    I can't get away with it.
    Whether it's through M, nocturnal emissions, or S...
    I still feel the consequences: edgy, brain foggy, depressed, and nervous.

    I feel like, if I want to have a consistently adequate mood and life, I can't ever let myself release. It's just something my body wasn't properly designed for

    I was thinking about this the past week, and I'm a little confused and frustrated right now
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  2. WittLowryfan0915

    WittLowryfan0915 Fapstronaut

    eventually these feelings will pass and you're gonna embrace the nights where your body decides to empty the tank! those side effects have all stopped bothering me and I've started to embrace them or forget about them entirely. Keep it up trooper!
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  3. JJackson

    JJackson Fapstronaut

    It takes a shit ton of energy out of your body to have an orgasm regardless of being an addict or not so don't worry. Its probably worse for us addicts because we've drained the fuck out of our bodies at this point. But regardless its very draining, Its meant to be done to produce life so of course it is. You might wanna research it a bit.

    Good luck and stay strong man!
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  4. GigglingTrout

    GigglingTrout Fapstronaut

    You guys are supportive, and that's what I really like about this forum.
    It's an ironic concept that something meant to produce life can be so draining of my own.

    Hopefully, things start to make more sense as I continue with my NoFap journey...
  5. Foxislander

    Foxislander Fapstronaut

    Have you actually gone hardmode pmo for over 500 Days that's what you counter says I need somebody like you on our team if you did I'm over a hundred and eight today still having a slightly hard time here and there but send me some feedback thought would love to get some tips, hardmode pmo here on an abstinence contract till December 22nd they'll make a total of 275 days I need all the help I can get I am spread around all information that I get to help others to I never just keep it for myself God bless you
  6. JJackson

    JJackson Fapstronaut

    Well thats the point, you're only creating life a few times throughout your life if any. Its not meant to be done thousands of times, multiple times a week or day over and over, its just to procreate.
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  7. bken

    bken Fapstronaut

    also don't think it's just O, PM/edging is just as bad. The excitement PM can cause is probably as bad as O.

    pmo just sucks the life out of men in so many ways.
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  8. I know these or similar feelings. But I'm not really sure about it. My plan is to do hard mode for a long time until I got my head right about this question.
    Maybe you have to pause for a while to recognize what's really good for you.
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  9. GigglingTrout

    GigglingTrout Fapstronaut

    I know. I feel like I can be too impatient sometimes.

    The plan is the same for me...
    I think I just need to give it more time, and let the recovery process help sort my thoughts out
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  10. You're right. Take your time.
    And by the way, it feels good to imagine not to have any release again.

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