I don't think nofap is possible for me. Seeking advice

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Neveragainporn, Jan 12, 2021.

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    I have been doing nofap for multiple times. However after 7 or 10 days I am starting to think obsessively about seks. I than have immense trouble focussing on other things. Even when I talk to others I regular start to think about seks.
    One good thing is that I don't watch any extreme porn content anymore, but still I always come back to porn. Maybe I should accept that I like to much and live with it, but I can also tell that it isn't good for me.
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  2. A week or two into a streak is a common time to get cravings. You're not unusual thinking about 'it' a lot, even everyday or in social situations. Humble advice: don't beat yourself up about it. Ask yourself on every occasion whether you're feeling bored/stressed etc. Reinforce distraction techniques. Talk about it on here or with friends/relatives who will be positive and understanding. You sound as though you have the power to stop it escalating. Well done!
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    Cravings are absolutely a thing, but no matter what no matter how many times you give in do not give up. It took almost two and a half years of struggle to get to my thirty day streak. You can absolutely beat this, when the thought dwells on your mind think to yourself is it worth it? Is it something you genuinely want to do? Or are you just bored? Pick up hobbies to keep your self distracted when it arises. You can absolutely do it.
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    It gets easier if you can make it past 10 days. Just establish that relapsing isn’t an option in your mind
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    Something I found useful is to start making new habits and stick with them along with the journey.. this will give your brain a small reward every day
    I used to think exactly the same, to me I was only able to stay for a week without PM, then I relapse and feel bad about myself, and could not make it further than a week..

    What helped me is making new habits.. haha for me (could be silly) I commit to floss and to use an electric toothbrush every day, also as a habit I started checking this forum every day before I go to bed.

    Keep it up!! you gonna make it!!
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    Doing noFap, your storing the energy in your body and mind. If you keep on storing it, one day you will be relapsed. You have to let it go the energy by replacing with good habit otherwise we release it by relapsing.
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