I don't want this anymore (Any tips?)

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by barleduc, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. barleduc

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    I don't want this anymore, I only feel anger, rage, pain and disappointment when I'm done.

    (I am 17 years old and I am trying hardmode)
    I had a streak going of 6 days, I was going strong and I fought all the urges. And out of the blue something triggered me and I end up pmo'ing 15 minutes later.

    I feel anger because the coming 3 days I'll be sad again and feel like I can't accomplish anything.

    My last 5 or so streak were all about 3-5 days long.

    Any tips or advice? I can't get past 5-7 days. I have been trying for about a year (my biggest streak is 17, only got above 15 two times)

    Also any motivation? I am full of rage and disappointment right now, and the coming days the rage will fade but the disappointment won't. (Until around 4-5 days)
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  2. JohannFaust

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    Here are some things that have helped me on my journey:
    • Try to spend as much time away from home as possible
    • Recognize your urges and your triggers. This will help you learn how to react when you encounter them.
    • Charge your electronics outside of your room. Every time I have relapsed in the past few months I have noticed that I have had my computer plugged in beside my bed.
    • Reading before bed has been helpful for me. I find it relaxing and encourages me to spend time away from the screen.
    Making it above 17 days is a great start. I encourage you to try and beat that streak.
  3. lavandero

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    Congrats for you barleduc! You are probably one in one million, don't worry, you are a great fighter.

    The first two weeks are the most difficult. Each time it will cost you less.

    But the really important thing is that you who are young use all that sexual energy to meet real and beautiful girls ;) Be brave.

    Some of them will reject you, and this frustration feeling will do you want PMO or other vices. This is the most important moment when you dont do it. You have to be strong to face the felling, and use that energy also to improve yourself and get it.
    If you fight, nobody can stop you from getting those girls more than yourself. Look for strategies for seduce girls in youtube, or with some book. In internet are a lots. Trust in me, you are very ahead the rest if you do nofap and canalize your energy in the right way :)

    Everyone with 17s or similar will be doing PMO, less than you. And you can become a number one if you channel it well.

    You are giving me envy. I wish I had 17 y.o. again for recover all the years I wasted in stupid vices :( Fight for me hahaha.
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  4. Ogikubo

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    Man, it happens.
    After you decide PMO is not for you, doing it is always followed by anger, shame, or whatever negative emotion you can think of...we have all experienced it.
    Just keep trying & learning. Anyone who tells you it is easy to quit is crazy.
    I wrote down some goals and strategies that I want to accomplish in 2020. It gives me some focus and makes me look ahead. Worrying about PMO will keep you stuck in the past.
    Good luck, bro.
  5. Ajikan

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    This is important. Much of the time when i get urges, i was near an electronic.

    If i feel my urges coming now, i just turn everything off and do something different. Because i know willpower isn't enough, i need to take actual steps to try and change.
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  6. Azzure

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    Hey bro, you’re of great worth. I don’t have much wisdom to share. I agree with what the others has written so far.

    Go back over all the most recent times you relapsed and write down all the common things at the time. For example, how you were feeling, what had just happened, where you were, what form of P did you choose, what types of warnings were present - by warnings I mean what thoughts or signs did you see/feel/think/hear just prior to you relapsing? All this information can then help you make ‘specific’ changes.

    I totally agree with what’s been said about making changes. Most of us relapse in the same way, within the same environment, choosing the same form of P or vice. Just my 2-cents.

    I believe you can overcome this my friend. In time, it will happen. Never give up.
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  7. recoome

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    You're 17. Don't be so hard on yourself. I wish at 17 I had the awareness about PMO being a vice.
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  8. pump20

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    Have Jesus in your mind because he can help you spiritually to break the PMO habits. It worked for me and it should work for you. Do it and thank me later. Peace
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  9. Jediproject3

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    Plan ahead. Set goals for yourself. The only way to TRUELY break this habit is to set new ones. For example if your goal is 90 days. Set new personal goals every 10 days till completion. You can do this. Porn is everywhere and to truely defeat this demon you must be will to continue to fight back.
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