I don't want this but I can't control this

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  1. I have tried thousands of ways to get rid of this
    And still believe that those ideas can work but somehow these urges find a way to trap me
    I don't know what is life without fapping
    I am weak mentally and physically

    I don't want ideas
    I just want to feel lighter after sharing this shit on this site
    I always remain less powered against these giant urges
    I just wanna say

    Please leave me !! Mr masturbation
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  2. The harsh reality of this fight is that it is incredibly difficult. It’s unlike any other addiction because the ability to do it is always with you. Quitting alcohol for me personally was a breeze by comparison. I simply moved away from it and learned to function without it. It took time to relearn new coping mechanisms but generally speaking it was easier. NoFap takes a tremendous amount of will power and vigilance. You have to train your mind, body, and spirit to put a bigger premium on the benefits of abstinence over the short term gain of that dopamine hit. Learn to fail upward. As you are making progress accept the fact there will be setbacks from time-to-time. As long as there is effort there is progress.
  3. I am tired of putting efforts into this
    I feel like I can't stay strong for my whole life
    I will become weak at some point and eventually I will fall into this trap again.

    I can postpone it only, It seems
    Controlling Internet usage might help this.
    I am have tried this before
    But this time I will not go so hard on myself

    Thanks sir for replying sir
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    If you are using all your energy to fight urges… STOP!

    just examine the urges, write down what are the thoughts and feelings that cause them and that they bring up. Ask yourself, are these thoughts and feelings suitable for you.

    If you dissect the urges and realise they are not what you want, you will have nothing to fight
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