I feel alone. I feel bad.

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Ducke1991, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. Ducke1991

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    Hello everybody

    Im a 24 guy from Spain who has been addicted to pornography since I was 13. Pornography has ruined my life, at the moment with only 24 years old I have erectile disfunction. Im only capable of have an erection watching hard porn that I know is not my normal habit. I am in my 5th day of Nofap trying to do this challenge but its difficult. I dont have the support of anybody and I have anxiety every day. I think that I will dye alone that nobody cares about me... I just wanted to share how I feel rigth now. Thank you for reading and sorry for my english.
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  2. never_again

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    hey bud, relax and have faith in yourself . It gets better I promise you. You're on your 5th day , i dare you to write all this again when you're on your 30th . But stop it altogether , no subs no nothing . If you want to change your life you have to COMMIT. The first days are the worst, but youve made it past 5 , hold on and it'll get easier. And yea quitting jerking off works wonders for your hard mode. Shit sometimes i get one by just hugging a girl. So go all the way , you'll be better before you know it.
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  3. Bandit6of10

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    Your not alone. We're here for you/with you. I hear you. If it was easy this site wouldn't exist.
  4. Unas

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    Bienvenido al foro, nos alegramos que estés aquí y te deseamos mucha suerte que consigas lo que te hayas propuesto.
    Ya estás en la posición del ganador estando aquí, a partir de ahora las cosas van mejor.

    In case you'd like to talk to some people here in Spanish, there's also an extra thread "NoFap en español", and it consists only of friendly people.

    There's also a group here which is dedicated to Spanish-speaking people. Maybe you'd like to join.

    I can only repeat what @never_again said, you made a start, you are on day 5 and the more time passes the more you'll feel and see the changes. At first it can be overwhelming, things that haven't been identified as problems develop a greater dimension because you are not distracted anymore and suddenly you feel the need to deal with them. You are on your way to self-improvement! Mucho éxito, amigo!
  5. Ducke1991

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    Thank you very much for the support guys. This morning I was really bad and anxious but I havent relapsed. I will keep going and I will try my best to overcome my problems.
    This forum is amazing!.
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  6. Jeremy nico

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    I have the same feeling but I must realize that feeling is fucking liar. I will not living by my feeling but beyond it.
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  7. Oneness

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    You have already made the choice to change, don't fight your choice. Go with it.
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  8. when you joined nofap I believe you are really mean it! I don't have advice to give because I am still a newbie but you can search how to stop this addiction on this amazing forum. cheers :)

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