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    So every now and then I gave up watching porn, until got introduced to NoFab from a relevant source. This time I feel more committed. Let´s put the rumors or beliefs aside regarding Supernatural Powers post giving up masturbation . There are some real personal experience I would like to share with you. After about 10 days of abandoning porn, I feel more focused, feel I can handle some specific tasks better and feel a boost in my physical energy. I really needed to take naps and I was quite distracted before. I am more aware of myself and more positive self monitoring is happening in my consciousness, it feels like my brain is more aware of how to make better social skills and etc. I am no scientist but I know the time I look for a scientific evidence in google to convince myself that frequent self pleasure is not bad, I am looking for an excuse to neglect one big issue in my life. I did not abandon porn to get more close to God or whatever, I am no preacher and I am no religious person, I keep my own opposite ideas and rejection toward religion as well, but I like to point out that the so called modern life is not always a friend, if you just want to indulge yourself hungrily with all its trinkets it treats you with.


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