I feel confused and I can even say a bit weak

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    Hi All,

    This is day five for me at the moment, My head is full of sexual thoughts, This is a positive thing for me because I wanted it. I'm starting to think of all the sexual interactions I had in my life and for the first time I'm aroused and feel erection and it feels good. for me this is a positive sign of the reboot process.

    on the other hand I feel confused and I can even say a bit weak, I don't fight the urge to masturbate since i'm sure this is the correct way. but I do want and hope that I'll unwilingly get an orgasm without masturbate since my head is full of sexual thoughts.

    I'm walking a lot for more than two hours a day and I find my self looking at women and feel aroused, this is in my head and I can't focus on the other things that important to me as well needless to say that for me this is the most important issue in life, I want to fix it and I know it will take time..

    After reading my words here I guess that the effort that I totaly commited to it drain a lot of energies for me, Does any one of you came accross simialr issues ?

    Any advice will be mostly appriciated.
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    I can agree with most of that. I feel that walking helps a lot...to clear my mind about a great many things, with PMO being just one.

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