I feel depressed to the bone.

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    I am 30 and I have been associated with this addiction from about 15 years or so, I have tried many times over and over to stop but unfortunately I was unsuccessful, each time I relapse.
    the thought that I could no longer do M is frustrating and every time I say to myself I should watch P and M for the last time ending up relapsing. I could not break the cycle I which I could start-over again form the age of 21 or younger Now I feel that I wasted time and I could not do anything to compensate myself.
    for the record: I am neither married nor engaged with anyone ?, due to a specific religious believes I could not do any intercourse outside marriage.

    what should I do ?
    is it worth it ?
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    Hello, hope you are getting better.

    Let's see..

    There are so many ways to improve your life, and you just have to do it step by step, if you try to do everything at the same time you won't success.

    By example studying, going to the gym, meditation, hanging out with friends and going to parties.

    There are so many things in life that can make you feel better than ever before.

    The first step is to stop PMO, by just understanding how awful it is and how much damage you are currently doing to your brain and your life.

    At the very moment that you realize how much porn screws your brain and your thoughts you will change your mind.

    Regarding religion to be honest with you, I am not a spiritual person but if you have your beliefs is okay, but if I can give you an advice just don't restrict yourself from so many little pleasures or enjoyable things due religion.

    It is time to stop, this year has just started just focus on yourself and in who do you want to become at the end of this year.

    Be a man and cope this problem, like you should.

    And go out and meet some girls, kiss them, hug them and if you wish fuck them.

    There is only one life and your restrictions could be one of the root causes of your depression my friend.

    Keep it strong!
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