I Feel Fantastic! Unreal, here comes the better version of myself

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  1. I am on 26 days and although I have done many NoFaps, there were many challenges I placed upon myself and difficulties I dealt with in the past while doing these multiple trials.

    But, this one is definitely my best and I feel amazing! Writing this feels great to know I feel this way. Here are the reasons why:

    - I used to find reasons to avoid my priorities and squander my time, but now I just focus on everything I have to/want to do instead of listening to my insecure-worried self.

    - Still there because of my own problems-but, they are so small-tiny-little things now. My character shines brightly to others.

    Speaking to Strangers:
    - Easy... Pfff... next

    - I have always taken great care of my appearance and hygiene so attracting women for me was very simple. But I have had social anxiety with women for years and years until now, I just say fuck it when I like someone.

    - What's that?

    - Getting there yet I know of its importance

    - Turns into confidence... I do what I want, no question, I say what I say

    - Feels like heaven!

    Cold Showers
    - Yes Please!

    Now I have just stopped eating junk and drinking coffee, as caffeine aids in your anxiety and stress while junk also kills your testosterone and makes you feel awful. To everybody reading this. Do Not Stop
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    Keep it up buddy. Nofap is an incredibly awesome lifestyle.
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    Yes! Nice post. Thanks.
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