I feel hopeless and foolish..... Is erectile dysfunction incurable?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by heywood, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. heywood

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    I'm 16. I've been masturbating daily, far more than once a day, for quite a few years now. Now, I see it's catching up to me.

    It's impossible for me to go erect anymore. Whenever I've masturbated the last couple of days/weeks/months I've been completely soft. My abdomen and stomach feel achy afterward too.

    The worst part: I just got my first girlfriend! We haven't done anything sexual yet, but what happens if we do and I can't go hard.

    God I fucking hate myself.

    If I stopped masturbating, will my penis heal? Or will I always have erectile dysfunction now?

    (Also, I don't use porn. I've always just used.... my thoughts. Idk if that's better or worse. Also my masturbation methods are.... weird and not orthodox.)
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  2. JoePineapples

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    I'm sure you'll be fine Heywood. You've got a lot going for you. You are young, and clearly intelligent. You've stayed away from porn, which is great. You only have to read through the forums here to realize how destructive that is. I'm sure if you refrain from masturbating, you will see your erections return. And you've got a girlfriend. Just take things slowly and naturally with her.
  3. GA93JDeereboy

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    Stay away from PMO. If you choose to do things with your gf i would make sure you wear something. Stay away from. PMO and you will probably heal.
  4. Xhiddy

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    Don't hate yourself, hate PMO.
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  5. Rewiring

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    Just wanted you to know that we have a same problem. I am 20 and used to fap with that "extreme" ways so mine got quite bend to left and hard to wake it up. I guess I have "death grip" problem and peyronie disease at same time.

    That's why I am here with so much desire of change.
    Good luck bro.
  6. anthonybackus

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    Dont ignore Erectile dysfunction because it is treatable

    Oral Medicines like Sildenafil made by generic brand is loose on pocket but big brands is almost 10 times costlier than generic ones

    Medications like topical Medicines Penile Injection Medications
    External Mechanical Devices counselling with doctor

    and last option surgery which i not suggest it personally
  7. Don't hate yourself. Love yourself. Talk to your penis and try to regain peace with your desire. I am in the same situation. Don't know what is to feel sexual pleasure being intimate with someone else, but I refuse to believe the only thing that turns me on is porn.
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  8. MarinoBigFan1984

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    You are 16 nothing is permanent. Stop whacking off and you will be fine. Stop being so negative too.
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  9. GettingAGrip

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    That is PIED from all the years of daily PMO.
    You're in flatline because your brain is rewiring and recovering.
    You will be fine. It takes time.

    STOP masturbating and watching porn, do NOT give in to your urges, and occupy yourself with activities you like doing.
    You have a girlfriend now, spend time with her, take her out, do fun activities with her.

    Start working out, have a better diet and eat healthy, go to the beach if you can.
    Don't focus too much on what not to do, just enjoy your days and get yourself busy with things you like and before you know it you will feel better and healthy again, your erections will be back, and you will have amazing sex!
    Good luck
  10. justjack

    justjack Fapstronaut

    abstain like me :) good luck bro
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