I Feel Like Giving Up

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    In the past three months I've made countless mistakes. I could not focus to save my life at the beginning of the fall semester and I'm paying the price right now. Finals are next week and I'm behind on my schoolwork and studying. I've had plenty of opportunities to turn myself around and I blew them all. I've failed to make any meaningful friendships the three months I've been in marching band. I still waste most of my time each day on non-productive activities despite the efforts I've made to stop that. I was so unfocused at the beginning of the semester that the chances of me passing my classes are slim (with the exception of programming and band). I'm typing this message during a break from studying. I have a long night ahead of me.

    My only real success in these past three months is nofap. I was PMO'ing quite a bit back in August but I stopped in September. This is my longest streak so far. I will hit day 90 on the last day of my finals, which is nice I guess. Nofap was the only thing keeping me from becoming a complete failure. Once the semester is over I will focus on becoming a new man. I applied for a job recently and I will follow up on my application this week. If I get the job, I will start training in a couple weeks. I will also learn how make money online and stick to a workout regiment. I will read and meditate as alternatives to mindless internet browsing, YouTube, and video games. If it wasn't for nofap, none of this would be possible.

    I may feel weak right now, but I won't give up. Despite all my failures, I've improved as a human being and I have the strength to move forward. This is the furthest I've ever gone and I'm not quitting anytime soon. I may not be a winner now, but I will be in the future. I don't know the exact date: all I know is that I will be a winner someday. Please give me the strength I need to push forward and I will win!
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    You and me both man, I'm fucking 2 months behind in my schoolwork right now. But fuck 80 days!! It's gotta be worth it. You will get by, just sit down and stay at it. People fail finals all the time, it will not be the end of the world if it happens... If you bring your situation to the attention of a school counsellor you will likely be able to rewrite or challenge the exam somewhere down the road.

    Just keep studying, take a break every 45 minutes, go for a walk, talk to friends, then re-engage. Plenty of time between now and your tests!!
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    Bro, you are a total beast and NOT a failure. You're on the cusp of achieving what most men cannot - day 90!

    Always, always focus on the future you. Sometimes our current situations are not good, and we see that we are not all that we can be and that makes us depressed and frustrated. But what you are doing now is setting the foundation for a new version of yourself that CAN be all you can be, or at least lightyears ahead of where you are now.

    Stay the course, don't sweat the small stuff, and keep your eye cast over the horizon to the future.
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    Thank you @BrandNewGuy and @sakeen for giving me the motivation and focus I need. I just woke up and I have a long day of studying ahead of me. I'll keep this message short so I can get started immediately.
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    Fast forward two weeks, and life is going great! I've passed all my classes and I'm going to the Peach Bowl on New Years. Unfortunately I didn't get the job but I'll figure out other ways to get money. I'm glad that I didn't give up.
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    Great job!
  7. Igaleksus

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    You're example is inspiring for me. Thank you, mighty warrior.
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    Congratulations. Way to go.
    You didn’t get the job. So what? You’ll get another one. This one wasn’t cut out for you. The universe provides us with what’s best for us in any given moment. We may not see it directly but if you pay attention you’ll notice. Look at the bright side. ALWAYS. There are plenty of doors waiting to be opened from you. :)
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