I feel like I failed.

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    The last time I masturbated was on June 9th. Before then, my max time was 31 days, but I slipped.

    Yesterday was so difficult, I strongly felt the urge to, and after I saw something online that turned me on, I kind of just sat there for a moment, then I just got up, walked away and didn't touch the computer for an hour. After that I felt like I could beat this, and felt very proud of myself.

    Then this morning I woke up, realizing I had a wet dream. I feel like all of my progress was just thrown out the window, and I'm in pain again (I think I have a strained penile suspensory ligament, and online it said that I need to leave it for 6-12 weeks minimum). I feel horrible, and like I need to start back at 0. It's just so demoralizing to fight it only for an unwilling bodily reaction to drag you back. ):
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  2. Joe from China

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    It's wonderful that you can share it.
    Be careful, it's really dangerous.
    More answers to other people's questions will help you. Only by helping others get rid of pornography can they really get rid of pornography.
    Bless you, my brother
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    A wet dream is not a relapse, stop worrying about insignificant shit like that and care more about preparing yourself to overcome the next urges that will come and try to fuck you.Good luck !
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    Check this link, applies 100% to you. Long story short, you're nowhere near Day 0 and its dangerous to think that you are.

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