I feel like i'm getting way too into politics.

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  1. So one thing that always comes to mind, when i think about the world is politics, i always find myself ranting about feminism or involving myself into american politics even though i'm not american born nor do i live in america. I need to stop thinking about this shit, because over all it is making me a horrible person, the way politicians and political followers think is they go from one extreme to the other, for example. Being gay should be illegal - if you are not gay you are a privileged scum. See what i mean, i don't want to be like that, either side! i'm only 15 and i want to make my teen years the best i possibly can. one thing i am doing is curing my porn addiction, another thing i am doing is being more social, another thing i am doing is exercising more and another thing i want to do is stray away from politics.
  2. Thanks for starting this thread, you are 100% right and I need to focus less on politics too and focus more on other things. Focusing on politics just brings out all the worst emotions and none of the good. It is like a movie that never ends. It has not been good for my mental health or my recovery

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    Turn off the news and the social media for awhile. Look around you and just take everything for what it is. Get rid of that negative energy and it’s sources, and replace it with positive vibes.
  4. Thank's for the advice. :D
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  5. Ultimately politics is about what laws should be enforced and I think that makes it pretty important but it's never a good thing to obsess over it. There's more to life than politics and sometimes it's good to just avoid the subject altogether. It's crazy in this day and age that families are breaking up over political issues. I actually think political discussions on this forum should be banned [unless it somehow relates to porn], I brought it up on a thread once and pretty much everyone was upset with me saying I was trying to take away their freedom of speech. The fact is winning a political debate on here isn't going to help you reboot and sometimes the stress of them can be triggers for some people.
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    Politics is ultimately about strengthening society. To be able to help strengthen society, we must first strengthen ourselves. Getting sucked into news and politics in a way that weakens us is the worst thing we can do.

    When we improve, we will inspire others around us. That can create a ripple effect of people improving themselves and thereby society as a whole.

    There might come times when we need to stand up and speak our minds. People are more likely to take us seriously if we have our lives in good order. If we are mentally strong.


    We won't be able to help anyone if we haven't taken good care of ourselves first.
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    Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
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  8. True. If we're in a healthy place we'll be able to have healthy political discussions. Again this is another reason why we shouldn't have them here since no one in healthy place would join this site.
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    I can't get enough. Hate and Discontent can be beneficial when you fight tyranny.
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  10. I think it's really important to be politically educated, to use your talents and energy to make positive changes or just to be educated enough to speak the truth. I've been red pilled since child hood and have been labeled a so called conspiracy theorist so I've been refuting the official story for years but getting too caught up in these issues can be as bad as being a clueless normie. At one point I got too caught up in reading liberal news, conservative, independent and then the conspiracy stuff and my interest in this stuff was almost obsessive. All the time I was spending on this stuff wasn't really creating change as much as I was just being obsessed. I resolved to stay informed but spending less time focused on this stuff and it did my mind and spirit alot of good.

    I spent less time doing drugs, video games and PMO last year than I have since college. I kind of filled the void with youtube videos and political arguments. It sounds like some of our views are similar. I read articles and watched countless videos on the regressive left's attempts at social engineering and MGTOW in addition to the social collapse in EU and the Trump/ Anti Trump stuff. I'm so glad that content is out there but honestly, i inundated myself with so much of it that at times I had to remind myself that every woman is not a hypergamist femininst billigins and not every liberal is a crazy degenerate. When you get caught up in that media/youtube circle jerk you can kind of loose touch with reality and I experienced that myself to an extent. (Youtube reccomendations think I'm a Right wing republican) My fam is super liberal and watch MSNBC from the time they wake up from the time they go to sleep so their so indoctrinated, theyre tough to reason with. I don't want to become like them in any way.

    Some of my resolutions for this year:
    1) Only spend a couple of hours 2 days a week looking at this type of media cause it doesnt change that much that quick. I just want to get the info and stop using it as a past time
    2) Go out twice a week and engage strangers more
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    As a person who lost his significant other due to becoming involved in those same topics and thus becoming a really bitter person, getting angry over things you can really do nothing about is a waste of time and energy. Also I never asked for this.
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    I just hope you're out there rocking an Infowars ballcap, worn backwards of course.:cool:
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  13. Of course not! Don lemon and his partner would never approve, lol!
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    Fucking cringe at the numale jeans they're both wearing. lol, smh
  15. There is nothing wrong with being informed, even if you're 15. The key thing is to pick good sources, ones without agenda and sensationalist tendencies. Unfortunately, even reputable news sources come up short in this metric - e.g. the two most popular news channels in the U.S., CNN and FOX. I'd advise against following them. Also, at all costs avoid weird sources like Infowars which someone else mentioned - in no way could be what they do described as journalism.

    The best source (not just) in the English language is Reuters IMHO. They report what's happening - no opinion, just the facts. There are multiple editions based on where on the globe you're located.

    The sad truth is that if you want to go deeper, you will have to accept some bias. I'd recommend The Economist. They're classically liberal but unlike others, they're not bound to any specific political party. If you stay mindful of what their underlying opinion is, it's an enlightening read. I'm looking for another source of similar quality which is more on the keynesian side of things but I haven't yet found one.
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  16. i have no problem with being informed, and i do agree with you that i should stop getting into politics and headlines and articles that have an agenda, instead of just the fact. But don't recommend what i should be, because the truth is i do not want to get involved, i can have my opinion but i do not have to ally myself with a specific party or group
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    Unfortunately, there is NO such thing as neutral ground. Even Jesus Christ himself said this. You will have to pick a side, and not picking a side means you agree with the opposition.

    Also, don't listen to anyone who tries to sway you against Infowars. There's a reason the leftist tech soyboys all censor him. If he's just an idiot as the left claims, then why censor him. People have enough sense to ignore such persons without having to resort to banning.

    I'll tell ya, not too long ago at first I didn't much care for Infowars at all, but after a while the things Alex Jones said started making sense. They see him as a threat, and they would prefer that people go back to sleep. I also observed that everyone that is seriously Butthurt over Jones always seems to be a bonafied Soyboy, like 100 percent of the time. I see hit piece articles on main stream media, I look up the author, and discover its a sissyfuck supremely Butthurt soyboy. lol
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  18. Just take a break from it and focus on your health. One problem at a time. Those issues will still be there when you're ready for them.
  19. Oh yeah yeah,oh yeah yeah yeah yeah!
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    I haven't actively listened to the news in more than 5 years. Neither have I opened a TV for more than that.

    News is pure negativity and mind numbing shit. It's ok to understand laws/what will be changed if X gets elected or simply laws that are true today. But honestly, if you're getting info like this from BBC, Fox etc. You might aswell impersonate an Ostrich, and stick your head in the ground. Those people are stupid as shit.
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