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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Encernia, Aug 25, 2019.

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    Hi guys, I'm 15 days in my nofap journey and I only started because I think I have PIED just because when my girlfriend was about to give me a blowjob I didnt get hard. Anyways, today is the hardest day so far and I'm getting intense urges and am on the brink of PMOing. I havent noticed any benefits yet of nofap and I've been frustrated all the time cause im horny. I am a bodybuilder and dont have problem releasing my sexual energy in the gym but other times I simply dont have anything else.When will I start seeing benefits?
  2. BreakingBenjamin

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    Keep waiting, they`ll come gradually.
  3. bluemax4

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    Don't expect great results in days, expect them in months and years. You have to commit long term. 15 days is nothing, if your brain has been hooked for years.
  4. There is hope, my brother. I’ve been there. Your manly mind is trained to get stimulated in another -and more intense- way. RE: bodybuilding; Turns out if your testosterone is too low OR too high you can have ED.
    Complex, eh? Your brain is temporarily wired for super-high-intensity visual stimulation instead of relaxing and enjoying the sensations, touch, feel, and closeness of intimacy. Yes, it will change for the better, friend. And when it does it rocks your world. Be vulnerable... love and commit, be present in body AND mind. Touch and be touched. It is not about performance. I write because I care. GLHF.
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    nofap will not really make your life great, it will only prevent your life from getting worse

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