I feel like I'm wasting my time!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by DickyAnonymous92, Dec 6, 2015.

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    So I started fresh, new month, new start. Seems as though I can't even get past 6 days anymore without doing it all again! I'm so bloody angry it's like the same old over again. So what happened this time? I were fine due to working night shifts, going to work, going straight home and straight to sleep. Finished my week at work again but decided to sneak peak at porn again till the point that I'm digging online for longer. At this point I'm over stimulated by the amount of porn I've watched but I I stopped after a while NoFap.

    I got to bed. Tried switching off, accidental trigger yet again by pulling my covers over myself! I managed to slow it down but you guys might know as much as anybody that when the feeling is overriding you and bam! You've lost you're seed.

    I recon that I might need to stop watching porn, but I'm not intentionally watching it in the first place. Plus I don't even know why I look if I'm not using it for anything. It might not be classed as fapping if I didn't actually do it, but in my eyes it's classed as due to one tug. FML

    Now I'm going to be fighting over a date to stop again.

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    You might do better if you do more than just work sleep repeat try to fill your extra time you gain from not watching P with something else enjoyable and rewarding. Part of developing self control is telling yourself no in the moment of temptation and if youre always at work or asleep you dont get many of these valuable oportunities to take charge of your brain and be the boss. You might even keep track of how many times you tell yourself no and celebrate your victory at the end of the day
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