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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by block14, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. block14

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    I do not know, I feel lonely, I am a shy person, Even at my age who is currently 20 years I have never dated a woman, I am very ashamed to want to interact with other people, especially with new people, even I never chat with anyone, I need advice on how I can get along with other people especially to get a friend
  2. TARS

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    There's no shame in not having dated at 20! I think it's better to figure out relationships and yourself before dating. Learn to be a good friend and practice being selfless before dating.

    Try to start being more social. Figure out if there are any groups/events you can attend where you can interact with people. Start with shared interests and see how it goes. Socializing takes practice. Don't be nervous, nothing to lose.

    Join a club, a sports club, or any other group. Are you in school? There are plenty of opportunities on university/college campuses. Or do you work? Initiate socializing with your co-workers.

    I'm Canadian and have no idea what Indonesia is like, or what its culture is based around. Let me know if anything resinates with you.

    Peace out,


    P.S. I identify to some degree with your struggles. So, I hope I can help.
  3. block14

    block14 Fapstronaut

    thank you friend, I hope it can help me, I will try it
  4. Raymond666

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    You have to train how to start a conversation and to not get upset if it doesn't work. Don't give up, if you get rejected. Try over, and over again. With other persons. One of the days it WILL work out!
    By NOT masturbating you should regain your natural sex drive. Do go out and find someone to fuck with! Just do it!
  5. Jinmo

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    I am shy too, so I can completely understand. I have googled good conversation starter questions, and I picked some that I felt comfortable using. That has helped me start conversations even when I am shy.
    Next, I ask questions or listen to them to find out what they are interested in. This really sparks conversations, because people will talk a lot about what interests them. At this point, it should be easy to keep the conversation going naturally. Good luck!
  6. 4DCreator

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    You are young. You are maybe shy but looks like you have a nice heart too. Be careful, sometimes is better to be alone for a while then to attract negative and toxic people to fuck up your kind heart and then you gonna be completely broken. Take this advice from someone who is nearly 40 years old.

    To find good friends is difficult. What usually helps sometimes are facebook groups about what you like. You commenting there and people like your posts and you can add them as friends and find out where they are from. Also, you can run your own youtube channel, that brings people as well.

    Also, you can do something in your life as sport, calisthenics, any activity where you can become PRO in it, and that will bring you people into your life as they will want to be like you and they will want to be your friends because you will inspire them. Trust me you are very young, still whole life in front of you.
  7. Jumat Bersih

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    One of the things that fascinate me about this forum is that a lot of men come and start talking about feeling without hesitant. Thank you for sharing, Bro. Pernah dulu absen PMO sebulan, rasanya jadi lebih pede di acara sosial, karena ada kebanggan bisa nahan nafsu selama itu. Itu dulu, ini mau mulai lagi. Ayo semangat broo

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