I feel so down sometimes

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  1. So many many times i ignore anybody around me because its my way to stay calm and to hide that i feel like shit sometimes, mother reaching angry. Shouting etc... i feel like i cant understand people and poeple cant understand me....

    I have 2 friends, wich i visit regularly. Those friends i have for quite some time now. I have not made any new real friends for more than 3 years now.

    I never got past 20 days. I sit on my laptop all day since i do not have anything else to do in life. Playing some games, watching movies.

    Listening about all the commentary that i am a cold-hearted person and that i do not care about others people wellbeing. This had resulted in some very intense situations at my home. I live with my mother and sister, brother.

    Most times i just feel lost...

    I do not know what to do anymore. I start to hate school and my internship. I just want to stop it all and sit alone all day playing games where i can be myself.
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    > I feel so down sometimes

    When I feel down its mostly when I think too much, I found thinking too much is the route of all evil. In my case thinking too much means too much depressive thoughts.

    I suggest positive music:

  3. I have felt the same way, however in my case I usually think about myself too much if I get a loading screen in a video game. I have about 2 good friends and what I do is force myself to hang out with them more. Family has become a bit of a pickle...they do not say I'm a cold hearted person but boy do they love to lecture! Going into this new year I don't quite think I'm going to be around negativity. From my experience those who sit in negativity only spread on more negativity and nothing really changes. Sometimes I wonder if the lost feeling is temporary or forever lasting. But hey we're alive to see beautiful things in this world with so much to access from the internet. Which could be in turn too much horror to witness. I don't know what I'm trying to say is that if I didn't think on the bright side sometimes I don't know where I'd be.
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    I recommend doing something productive instead of sitting on laptop all day long. Even if you do not feel like doing anything. Too much time online will cause depression, thats why there are so many people depressed nowadays.
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    Hey man I get it, I feel like this all the time. I live in a never ending cycle of over reacting to small things which leads to anger and an ability to ignore anyone (I become an asshole). This leads to guilt and me appologizing to the point people tell me to stop appologizing. I get over this and then the next thing comes up and the cycle repeats.

    I have learnt to deal with this in some simple ways,

    1. Talk to someone doesnt have to be a proffessional just someone you trust open up, you will feel much better for it

    2. Learn techniques to deal with your feelings learn your triggers I find breathing techniques and leaving situtions works for me.

    3. Work on your relationships with people be there for them and just do things without being asked it works man just sinple things such as cleaning up makes everyone in the house calmer and happier.

    4. In regards to your laptop and staying home get outside dude, go for a walk explore nature find a hobbie we are not ment to sit at home all day and watch movies.

    Finally you got this dude, put your mind to it you got it. You say your lost, find your compass and follow it when you say you havent made any friends its a lie man, you have thousands of friends on here bro, you need a friend reach out I got you we got you. stay strong bro only up from here.
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  6. This is sadly true. I’m always happier when I focus on my life and I’m not addicted to social media/technology devices.
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  7. thanks for your inspiring word my man, ik rly should go outsides to walk or to get a run to stay sane...
  8. i managed to quit social media a while ago, i realy hate it
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    Everyone has this sometimes)
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  10. well sometimes....
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    1. Be thankful for what you got. Write down 3 things you're grateful for everyday. If you still think you don't have much friends and feel lonely imagine that people who are in your life (even if there's small number of them) are taken away from you. Now you're absolutely alone. ALONE!
    So you have mother, you have sister and you have a brother and you have 2 FRIENDS! YOU HAVE PEOPLE! TALK TO THEM! BE WITH THEM WHILE YOU CAN! I lost my father. But before losing him I didn't even have a conversation with him. I eneded up regreting it. Don't be a fool, be smart - learn from my mistakes not your own.

    2. Gaming is just a way to say "fuck you" to problems. No matter how long you will play your silly videogames (I'm not against them, I just know how unimportant they are) your problems will multiply. You can play videogames but just after everything else is already done! Go out, socialize, workout, listen to music, read, draw - whatever! Find yourself somewhere else other than in gaming world!
    You really want to be 80 years old on dying bed (at best 80) and just lay there thinking "Damn, it was good to be a gamer!" ? REALLY? I don't think you would even think that way. With years you would become bitter because gaming would just make you a living junk (don't get me wrong - as I said - you can play a little bit, but if you will play all the time you won't be anything but just worthless person in this world and man has to be worth something, that's just how it goes!), bitter towards the world and you would just fucking regret not going out, not having a girl or a better thing to do. CMON MAN! YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO TURN THINGS FOR THE BEST!

    3.Sometimes we have these weird phases when we believe nobody gets us. Don't worry. It's called being young. It will pass. Just do things, experience world and you will mature. Hang in there.

    4. And Chad, don't forget - you're not a loser! Unless you want to be one... And hey! You're just 22! You're still a kid. You have whole life in front of you, buddy! But don't let that be a reason for endless gaming and meat beating.

    So go out, workout, be grateful, live your life full of experiences! Say no to someone, say no to yourself, be harsh, be rude if you have to - experience it all! Don't try to be right! Just do what FEELS right! It's an illusion that gaming is going to make things better for you.
    It wont! Go out there and find real things to do!

    PM me if you want, I can share my time with you. I really want you to succeed, I want you to be a true Chad!
    LET'S GO!
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  12. You might think you feel good when you play video games, but the fact is that the video games make you feel bad when you are NOT playing them.

    If you could consider quitting, and add to it a 90 day hard mode reboot, your feelings, friends, and whole life will dramatically improve.
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  13. Thank you... for ur inspirering words... Very true what u say...
  14. Donut Worry Be Happy

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    You have inspired me to not play video games.

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