I feel so low... Suicidal thoughts

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by jukini93, Jan 18, 2022.

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    Hello fapstrounats, I hope you're doing great in this year. I've decided to write again, because I'm going through a really bad crisis again, this time a little more strong than the previous ones. Basically I've been relasping time after time due to my anxiety, low self- esteem and other personal stuff, like my current financial situation with no job, all this, plus my fucking addiction that escalated, which have led me to think about suicidal thoughts, I just want to stop this nightmare that keeps me trapped, without being able to do something worthy in this lifetime.
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    First excuse yourself. Forget about past, just concentrate on to earn something. Just it's economically hard time for all. I was also into same situation suddenly I got job and I'm out it. Have faith on plan he has better plan for everyone. Just pray. And put efforts to earn money. You will get your happiness back. Addiction will never end just we have to concentrate on today NO PMO, if replapse start again.. Thats what I'm doing. Even I have not succeed in 15 days streak
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    Thanks bro, I need to read this every single day. sometimes we forget how precious are, and the great things we can do if we try hard. I think I just need to stop comparing to others and be more comfident with myself.
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  4. Fighterv123

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    Yes Bro God has best plan for us
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    Hi! Sometimes life slapped us with a lot of cruel things, but as usual don't give up! I can't really understand you issue, but it's seem that you're having financial problem. Because I myself haven't work (I'm 16), all I can say is try to find job or even better create a small business (if you have ideas and investor). I know finding a job isn't easy, so keep the spirit up!

    For anxiety, try to be more ignorant. I used to have severe anxiety (Self diagnosis, I'm sociopath!), but I learn to not react on anything, just... OK. When I failed, I hold the emotion, then go to a place where I can be alone (bathroom) and dump everything there. Also try to reduce useless conversation like gossiping to near-zero, even zero if possible!

    For low-self esteem, learn to value yourself. Come on, there's must be something good in you. If you found it, be proud of it! Else, try to do something you like, then make it like a big thing (for yourself). Also try to forgive yourself for past mistakes.

    Hope this help, cheers!
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    I re
    Hey, reading this kinda reminded me of where I was about 2years ago, I was stuck in that strange cycle of addiction and depression. Today's I'm in a better place emotionally and mentally. It's been 2years now since I last masturbated and the feeling of that freedom is unreal. Don't give up on yourself my friend, you are stronger than you could possibly imagine, you only lose the fight when you give up.
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    one day at a time...focus on what is right in front of you, start with small tasks...anything that you are successful at completing will give you more confidence, like fixing a leaky faucet...really anything...just tackle something to start with and then go on to the next thing, this will keep your mind off porn
  8. Once an addict is an always an addict for entire life. So stop worrying about it and do this
    1. A gym membership
    2. Seek some adventures
    3. Do a field oriented job,if you can
    4. Come to home only to sleep
    5. Have a dream to build a new life
    6. Talk to as much girls as possible. Not flirting just try to know them.
    7. Stop using social media, still want to use follow information pages.
    8. If you can, visit an another country
    9. Learn something new like coding or any language during your spare time before sleep

    Do this for 180 days. I assure you, you won't have to worry about your addiction anymore.
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    Great advice Eagle_man! I like you suggestion of learning to code as it doesn't cost much and is very interesting. If a person likes coding and building things, I recommend learning to code/program arduino microprocessors, its one of my hobbies. Come to think of it, now that I have quit PMO I'm going to have to start working on some arduino projects:) https://www.arduino.cc/
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    I like the recommendation to do a field oriented job.
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