i feel that i wanna cry

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  1. nadjibmarcusaurelius

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    iam on my day 13 now and i feel taht sometimes i wanna cry than i feel good so happy after that i feel lonely and mesirable its hard to have these fucked up emotion together how to deal with it ? thanks
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  2. Infern0

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    emotions all over the place during reboot is normal and a sign of healing.

    PMO numbs emotion, you are just getting used to feeling again.

    Don't run from it, let yourself feel whatever you are feeling, you'll start to come right.
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  3. Mood swings..
    Mind is under process of reboot/rewiring.. This are good symptoms..
    Stay strong & clean.
  4. vyndaloo

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    I suggest if you wanna cry, then cry.
    If the old pattern was to masturbate away your problems, now try to feel and experience the pain.
    There's nothing tragical about crying, just cry, feel it, let it fade away.
  5. LavaMe

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    I've felt like crying often during this process. My natural tendency is to push down that feeling. I think part of PMO is pushing down our feelings by PMOing. As others said we need to experience those emotions. And if you feel like crying let yourself. You'll feel better. I wish I could cry but I've gotten so good at pushing down emotions I can't.

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