i feel weak when i pmo

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by v428, Oct 26, 2020.

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    Hey i'm 17 and have been PMOing since I was about 15.

    Since COVID started, I have been on and off trying to stop sexual fantasies, porn and masturbating for a while now and most recently remembered to use this site and try to stop again. No "real" relationships have ever worked out in my life for me, im too skinny, awkward and just never gave anyone the time/effort or im just too clingy and try too hard. I don't consider myself bad looking, im just really insecure about my skinny, stick figure self.

    I feel so weak sometimes, like I just want to spend time doing nothing with my life. But then again, I have so many hopes and dreams about my future. I have a great talent I wish I could share with the world and I know I could have been much farther in that process if I wouldn't have let porn and masturbating hold me back.

    Today is my second day without PMOing in a while. Im trying to go 90 days for real this time (and more if I find I can do it). I find this really difficult because usually porn/masturbating helps me calm down and relax after tough days.

    Any help?

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