I fell asleep before I could fap. Lol

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  1. I was up until like 3 trying to configure my dd-wrt router to be a repeater bridge so I could watch porn on my phone. Yikes.

    What ended up actually happening was I had to reset the router and then completely reconfigure it. This was because every time I tested it on my phone, the wifi would cut in and out when loading pages, so it was fast enough to load the base of the webpage and text, but not images or videos. I'm not sure what exactly transpired aside from me NOT masturbating to anything, but I became much too tired and sleepy trying to get it to work and passed out with my phone next to me, instead of on the charger.

    Don't worry, it's okay, I managed to save it at 6% before it died.

    Moral of the story? Get a crappy repeater router and use that for nightly wifi so you can load NoFap but not much else. Lol.
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    Evidence of the insane amount of trouble we will go through just to feed our degenerated habits. Have to fight off the temptions before we get locked in that tunnel visioned ego and strengthen it. Satisfying the craving will only lead to stronger ones later.
  3. Well, sheeeyet... I wish I had bed sheets, then my bed would be more comfy.
    I saw in a meme that tensing ANY some muscle on the body for like 60 seconds can get rid of an erection, which is my primary trigger.
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    This story is awesome. The whole basis of what you went through to try and watch P on your phone is crazy extra and you can even tell that from the "Yikes" in your post.
    The problem I have is I have an absolute beast of a modem/router. I spent a bit of time configuring it and I set up a heirachy in which my phone pulls major bandwidth. So basically whenever my phone is watching a video or loading a big website everyone else in my house loses connection hahaha.
    But in all seriousness, as the dude above me said, it's crazy how hungry the brain is for that release.
    I wish you the best of luck and to stay strong in your battle!
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