I find that I have been getting lazy and fat

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Nathaniel, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Nathaniel

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    For a year, I was PMO free. I noticed that after that year, I had gained some weight and was generally sleep deprived.

    It turns out that for me to be full of too much food and too little sleep dulled my sex drive-making it MUCH easier to avoid PMO.

    Then, I started up with lots of PMO again. Not fun. (Okay, it was lots of fun-sometimes.)

    Now, I see that to have a recovery that I really love and enjoy, I need to be getting proper amounts of good food, plenty of rest and plenty of exercise.

    And, I am still feeling pretty lazy and addicted to food.

    So that's my experience of myself at the moment.

    Thank you.
  2. GayRomeo

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    I don't think it's unusual to replace one addiction with another. I think one has to find comfort in something meaningful to them that's healthy. Maybe you could learn how to cook healthful food, for example. Or you could take up running (very addictive, in my opinion). I hope you find something you enjoy that leaves you feeling healthy and fulfilled. ��
  3. ADC

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    This teaches me that everybody is different... I was addicted to junk food and eating a lot when I was addicted to PMO, and I was lazy as heeeell too. It's way better since I stopped PMO, but it was an everyday fight.
  4. SirCynicalMess

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    Well, since I agree with GayRomeo's idea that it is common to replace one addiction with another, but you also validly stated that each person is different, perhaps you could consider the idea that you have multiple addictions?

    I realize that could seem daunting, and I wish you luck in unraveling everything that is negatively affecting your life and self-image. In my case, I had many addictions (marijuana, chewing tobacco, junk food AND pmo), but I have gotten rid off everything but PMO. I have realized that it is my biggest issue of all of them, you could say. Good luck with everything.

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