I fucked up. But let’s take this W again.

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    It was late 2018. My life was shit. Constant anxiety. Social incel. Completely fogged up mentally. No girls. Etc.

    I had no hope, until i came across nofap. It took a few months. But around April 2019 I hit a 57 day streak. After that it was smooth sailing 20-30 day streaks.

    my life completely came back. Girls. Confidence. Happiness. Handsomeness. Feeling badass. More than I ever did.

    then mid 2020 rolled by. I got ocd and fapped constantly from then to late 2020. Since late 2020 to now, it’s been 3 day to 10 day streaks, sometimes with week binges.

    I slowly watched most of my superpowers fade. (Thankfully not all of them, but I won’t lose anymore from now on). Now I’m sitting here, almost one day clean tomorrow. spaced out. Less confident, skin looks like shit. And filled with so much regret. Knowing I shouldn’t be in this spot right now.

    but.. let’s use this regret. I’ve told myself many times. But let’s go take this W again. And get my fucking life back.

    Im ready. Enough with the bullshit. I’ve told myself this is gonna be the time I land another long streak that will heal me again, and i kept fucking up 5-10 days later every time this past year.

    but I’m done. I have to force my self out of this hole. And I’m going to. My existence depends on it. College, a family, my life. My music, my personality, my happiness, my soul.

    I need this.

    so let’s. Take. This. W. Again.
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    Q bueno q estés de vuelta en el objetivo de rachas más largas ...este es el mío también...

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