I genuinely think sex is disgusting and shouldn't be promoted.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by PopSoda, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. PopSoda

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    It may be because i am young, but i think sex is good for only procreation. I find sex for not procreation, to just be literal group masturbration. I plan on having it only once to have children.
    I am not religious, this is just my instinctive thoughts. This is a very unpopular opinion and i am interested to hear what you think, since i don't understand why is it promoted in good light in most media.
  2. Mr. Catwalk Runway

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    I don't think sex is disgusting but I know of spiritual teachings that encourage seeing it that way to curb the wanton craving which unsettles the mind. They explain how it is technically disgusting in a literal and true manner too. Doesn't mean I excitedly embrace those aspects of the teachings haha! Call me a dirty boy.

    I certainly do think it is a special and very personal act that simply should not be filmed let alone sold in the mass media.

    It completely warps and degrades human values to commodify sex.

    I think it is fine you feel how you do and just because it isn't a popular opinion does not make it wrong nor unhealthy.
  3. drac16

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    I personally do not think that sex is disgusting. It can be ugly, like in a case of incest, rape or pedophilia, but it can also be a symbol of a tremendously deep connection and affection. Most of what sex has become is ugly, in my view. Pornography is undoubtedly ugly. If I were to view pornography, I wouldn't be able to get an erection because my mind has been programmed to hate it.
  4. PIEDSufferer

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    It’s a valid opinion to have, for sure. But seeing the situation from a biologist’s perspective, sexual cravings are a natural part of procreation. Animals don’t consciously think about the link between mating and reproducing, as they don’t really have the mental capacity to understand it in the way we do. They mate solely because they have a drive to. They crave it and want it. And that encourages reproduction to occur. Again, as a biologist, I recognize that humans ARE animals. And therefore, we have the same instincts and behaviors that drive the success of a species. Same reason we crave food. As humans, we can recognize that we need food to survive because our bodies use the nutrients. But that thought isn’t what makes us crave a juicy burger any more than what makes a lion crave the taste of a zebra. We just WANT it, because that craving is what promotes survival.
  5. StonePlacidity

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    well you see animals don't mate everyday. They have a mating season, and their dicks are used to reproduce, not pleasure themselves
  6. I'm more disgusted by the media's celebration of whores, not necessarily of sex.
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  7. red gyarados

    red gyarados Fapstronaut

    your wife’s going to love you

    (the mailman’s going to love your wife)
  8. fredisthebes

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    You will need to have sex multiple times in order to have a child.

    Sex isn't a spectator sport, and finding watching other people have it disgusting is entirely natural. It's different with your wife.
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  9. We don't have a mating season, lol. Your argument is flawed when it comes to seasonal reproduction in humans.
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  10. Lolz @ spectator sport. You have a valid point.
  11. If you don't wanna have sex for pleasure. It's all fine and good. But the moment you start with "animals don't use their dicks for pleasure" and start passing judgement on other humans, you become a laughing stock. What goes inside a person's bedroom is nobody's business. (Except illegal stuff of course.)
  12. PIEDSufferer

    PIEDSufferer Fapstronaut

    Look, I’m not going to have a debate with you regarding biology and ethology. Needless to say, it’s obvious you have much to learn. But I see this turning into a heated argument hidden behind keyboards, which won’t be productive for either of us.:confused:

    I completely respect your views, brother. I really do. Stay strong in who you are! Take care;)
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  13. ReclaimedLife

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    Guys... relax.
    He will change his mind once he had great Sex with a woman he likes and is attracted to.
    I am assuming he probably only knows it from porn for now.

    "Once you have tasted the Nectar, you will come back to the Flower to get more."

    From "The birds and the bees", Chapter 1, verse 2
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  14. That's not true. Bonobo monkeys, for example, are known to frequently engage in sex for pleasure or as a way to settle disputes.
  15. To be honest, you sound like an asexual person to me. Asexual people often have the same feelings of disgust with sex. Have you ever considered yourself as one?

    As for me personally, I don't share such sentiments. I'd love nothing more than to be in a sexual relationship in the future.
  16. Themadfapper

    Themadfapper Fapstronaut

    C'mon. You say " it's obvious he has a lot to learn, but you completely respect his views"?

    I don't know about the bonobo or the green billed tortoise but animals don't have sex for pleasure. There are 100,000 examples to support that to every one of yours, GreenSwampGuy
    I don't know when this agenda came about making absurd claims about the animal kingdom, but if you ever had pets you should realize the veracity of the statement that animals don't' have sex for pleasure.

    Although to be honest I question at least in regards to wanking and casual sex if people have sex for pleasure? They think they do, but dopamine is a lie it's a drive, excitement, anticipation, but no real pleasure, IMO.

    I can see OP's point of view, at least after having a huge wankathon the thought of porn or sex makes me want to vomit, of course, that goes away in time to start all over again.
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  17. PIEDSufferer

    PIEDSufferer Fapstronaut

    Then I’m very curious as to how you define “pleasure.”

    Ugh..... You guys are making it so difficult for me to resist getting sucked into a pointless keyboard debate with strangers! :mad: Online forums have their OWN set of addictive qualities. And as a professional biologist, these topics are a guaranteed trigger for me:confused:
  18. Yeah, this is probably just because you're young. And that's okay. No need to force yourself into anything sexual before you are ready. I'm sure you will be ready for it someday.

    I honestly never had any kind of sexual desire until the first time I made out with a guy. Whoa Nelly, that changed everything. Lol and I think I was like 17 at the time.
  19. Themadfapper

    Themadfapper Fapstronaut

    Something that edifies, uplifts like a healthy meal as opposed to eating fast food like KFC, honestly I'm having trouble putting it to words as I think it's pretty simple rather I think wanking is not really pleasurable it's the mind convincing you that it is. It's a drive to procreate and your mind/instinct pushes you to it much like an animal who has no use for it outside of when he is being pushed by that instinct. For some evidence for my theory[ which is stretching it a bit calling it evidence], I give you porn stars and drug addicts who have insanely high suicide rates, or people who become famous and then kill themselves after living lives of debauchery. Obviously not every instance is the same and some people are inclined to overindulge, just an idea, and I don't want to spend forever talking about it either.
  20. Honestly, I would recommend just not even thinking about sex yet if you're not interested in doing it. That will very likely change, but there's no need to rush it. Let it happen naturally, and until then, just focus on other stuff. There's no need to label yourself asexual or anything at this point.

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