I give Up I can't Stop this addiction...

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Furozima10, Dec 12, 2021.

  1. Furozima10

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    I've tried so many times, I also reached 365 days of no PMO !

    But this time after I relapsed, it felt so good and I think that I will never be able to Stop this addiction.

    I also after I Relapsed i questioned my Self why did I stop PMO when it Feels so good and relief my Stress.

    The stress is just Impossible, I have lot of problems in my Life, and PMO is the only way to stop that Stress.

    I feel like I'm giving up for good, I can never be healed from this Addiciton feels like I'm done, I feel like I should just give up fighthing because I can never win the Battle against PMO, it has so many advantages. even though it's bad for the Brain but Guys... I feel weak.
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  2. DeeJ4y

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    Pmo will not take the stress away. It will come back. Learn to deal with stress. Also it wont feel that good the more you do it, and then you will be back to square one of feeling like shit. I recommend not going back there.
  3. Don'tLookBack

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    I can't tell you what to do or what to believe, but I can say this: If you search your soul, see what is there. It seems like to me that even though it felt good or whatever, you still see PMO as an enemy. Why is that? Examine that. What is the real desire that PMO is just trying to mask. Is it connection? Is it being with someone who is beautiful and loving? I can't say what that is for you. But PMO obviously feels good for a reason. But you also see that PMO is also bad for you. Instead of trying to polarize the two, maybe try to see how they both could be true? And then move forward from there. Weigh the pros and cons. Do the cons of PMO outweigh the pros? Then keep trying to recover.

    Almost a year is a long time, my friend. That's something many of us on this site only dream of being able to achieve. I want you to keep growing and keep fighting something you say is bad for you, but ultimately it's your choice.
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  4. hollyman

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    Wise words and yes this is true

    If my stress which cause by life problem can go away with 1 sesison of porn,, then i might become mark zuckerberg rn lol

    Sadly thats not how the world works, escape is not the solution, someday somehow u just have to deal with it
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  5. 2080Future

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    PMO will not relieve your stress. It will pospone it, push it down deep in your mind where it will become stronger until it finally makes you explode. You must not give up. If you once achieved a WHOLE YEAR without PMO you can do a lot more and you will be able to defeat stress instead of it defeating you.
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  6. Quitting porn is very hard because the amount of dopamine you get from porn is better than a lot of things in life. Combined that with masturbation addiction and you have a plethora of problems for your health.

    When dealing with an addiction, the withdrawals will last for years.

    You have to create a life where you don’t need porn as a stress reliever. Otherwise, your never going to quit porn and you will be forever addicted.
  7. Your boat have a hole, where water comes in and it may sink your boat. But instead of finding that hole, you are throwing the water back to sea for this 365 days.

    So find the deep problem, which make you relapse again and again. I know its very difficult but not impossible. You may take time, but eventully you learn a lot about you and your addictions by finding the cause. I know it may seem cliché to say that anxiety, stress, bordome cause porn addiction. But sometimes its too deep.
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  8. jcl1990

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    You just need a better way to deal with tension. Become more aware of yourself when tension begins to build in your mind and/or body.

    Also, look into something called DanTien meditation. This allows you to move around the energy within your body to balance yourself out
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