I got to 32 days but didn't see the results I wanted

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by enz, May 2, 2019.

  1. enz

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    Yesterday I was more self concious and awkward than usual hanging around with my friend last night. This morning I felt awkward around my female driving instructor in her 40s. So I ended my streak to try and feel more chill around people.

    I got into nofap not because of porn addiction but to help me become more social. I'm not sure if nofap is for me
  2. enz

    enz Fapstronaut

    Yeah I feel like **** at the moment, should of kept streak going
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  3. Smiletron

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    You have to realise theres going to be hard moments before it gets better , may be up and down but eventually the hard times will ease away... relapsing isnt going to help anything in the long run
  4. 32 days is fuck all in the grand scheme of things. This takes months and years to mend from depending how long you have been pmoing and the frequency. You need to have a bit of discipline and perseverance to guide you through.
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  5. V4x

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    dude i think NoFap will not help you at get more social, but fap to relieve stress, awkwardness or bad emotions can be addictive and mess with you later on (for me took some years to feel the damage).
    unfortunately i don't have any advice to give to you in how to get more social or deal with some situations, all i can tell you is try other things to chill like music, games or chat on forums, talk with random and unknown people about some issues can be god sometimes. be aware of yourself and don't lose control because its fuc*ng hard to get it back later
  6. The whole social thing is all in your head. If the only reason you started nofap was to become more social, your thoughts then are going to play with you.
  7. Reborn_

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    Remember, NoFap on its own is not going to work miracles. You have to work hard to reach your goals, and NoFap will help you out when you need.
  8. Probly multiple contributing things going on. At least with me.

    Working through those is the only way to recover.

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