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  1. Zillion

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    yes i was in NoFap, not even had sex, not even talked with girls, i have completely dittached from anything that griggers me sexual obsession. ive been roughly over 90 days of NoFap.

    recently i come to relapse, then i noticed my penis was more than an inch taller than it was before i started NoFap "7 month ago"... i even measured before numbers. so i compared my current length with previous one...

    previously it was just 5.2 inch, now its 6.3 inch!... how it was possible???, i not even had any hormone injection or any kinda medicine or surgery...

    is there any scientific explanation behind that?
  2. kingpietro

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    just pretty simple nofap doesn't give you a larger penis it just gives you a better erection:

    so in previous porn, and masturbation habbits you're eretion was lighter then when you are on 90 days.
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  3. Jason_Tesla_19

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    Your measurement method may have been different, and your erection may have been better. It didn't really grow, unless you're really a late bloomer, as it typically ends growth in mid to late teens. Towards the end of my previous 17-day streak, I was noticing better erections, but I started with some PIED. My erect girth was about the same, but the erect length was longer. It also hung better when flaccid.
  4. Ra's Al Ghul

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    Well, when you're not "beating" your meat every day it will heal up and get bigger.
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  5. It's probably because you are now able to reach full erection. Congratulations and keep it up.
  6. Sneaking_Marley

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    Have you been working out or been taking other healthy habits up? You're probably at least a little more active physically then when you were PMOing frequently, so it might have increased your testosterone levels, which could have helped with that. That's my uneducated guess anyway.

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