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    I discovered this site since december from last year. I'm addict to masturbation and now porn too, I just can't go to sleep without masturbate and end in orgasm. This is like 90% of all days. For months or almost a year I thouht I beat porn because I was able to not watch it, but masturbation didn't dissapeared. I have tried go to specialist but didn't see changes, have tried to do some excersise, watch movies without porn content, etc, etc.. It's like impossible but I havent lose my hope, I'm still fighting against it. I'll see other people's posts to check what can help me.

    I guess how people really beat this addiction and i'm here to look for it.

    I'm a man, age 29, divorced, living alone by my own means, I work as an IT engineer.
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  2. Do not give up you will gradually improve
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  3. Bro I totally understand you I feel with you !

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