I had a dream with my sister ?

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    I would usually think a thing like this is a random thing; an isolated incident. But I've experienced this before as well. For me, it has happened after abstaining from O for awhile. And most of the time, we're talking wet dreams here, it would be with a female member of the family. Mostly it has been step sisters, step mother, or in-laws, but I too wonder why the association with the family. Puzzling to be sure.
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    I'm sorry , I don't understand you . ?
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  3. I mean stop thinking about no pmo alot . Make it part of life not a burden. (If you do think a lot about it ).
    And yes its just a dream dont react that much.
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    When I was younger. I had a similar dream like that and I was so angry and ashamed of myself lol. Now I'm grown up, I realize it's just a silly little dream. It wasn't within my control. Let the dream be what it is and don't control it.

    Enjoy life, I guess : )

    No one is going to judge. I really thought, I was the only one until now lol
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    Dude, don’t worry so much. Such dreams happen to everyone, but not everyone talks about it. I also had a similar dream, for which I am very ashamed. The thing is that I dreamed about how I kissed with my best friend. In the morning I woke up very happy, but when I realized what happened, I was very upset. I was afraid to tell my friends about this and therefore I searched the Internet to whom I could turn for help. I found Amanda's website https://dreams-meaning.com/blog/snakes-in-dreams and decided to write to her. Amanda turned out to be a very understanding person. She listened to my problem and gave me some tips on how not to worry about it. Turn to her and she will help you too.
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    No, why should he do that? [​IMG] Strange dreams of a sexual nature are usually best left to yourself!
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    It was just a dream man no big deal.

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