I had a sex dream last night is it normal?

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Want to stop 656, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Want to stop 656

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    I am into day 5 of pmo free life. I was very confident for the past 4 days. Except for few instances I did not really feel the urge. I thought I survived.but yesterday night I had a sex dream. It actually involved one of my fuck buddy and it was 2 years ago! Is it normal to have such dreams? I never thought about her in the past four days. Even then she came into my dream and it was as if she was asking me to have sex. Don't know why! Luckily it is was not a wet dream? I just want to known if this is normal? And are there any remedies, to control this in near future ?
  2. xxmemel0verxx

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    I some times have these types of dreams. Probably your brain is re-wiring itself.
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  3. Agitation_free

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    yeah its normal. Usually rebooters have dreams about earlier and earlier memories. Its like going back through your addiciton. Those dreams will finally dissapear.
  4. Vanilla

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    It's normal, don't worry. I had an intense sex dream a few nights ago myself.
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  5. Amphibian

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    agreed with what others have said; it's quite normal.
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  6. TheCrazyThingIs

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    It's perfectly normal and not something you should worry about. Focus on putting your energy into other things rather than worrying about the fickle, it unnecessarily complicates things
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  7. ImpureHuman

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    That's part of the process.
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