I had to give away my steak

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  1. So yesterday I was voulenteering at the food bank, I put up the chairs and the tables. Because I voulenteer I rarely get to take my fill in food. I found a nice steak, and wanted to claim it for myself. I had a fellow Church member ask me for it out of my own food stack. I find it to by my duty to give up whatever minor items that anyone asks me for, but that steak hit me hard. I'm starting to wonder if my generosity is a weakness. I suppose she must need it more than me. When I accepted Jesus Christ, and was willing to do the easy and the hard. Giving up that steak was hard.
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    The dude who asked for your steak seems like a real weirdo if you ask me.
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    I would've told that church member that since I am looking out for their health out of love, I'd rather eat the steak myself than contribute to his potential heart disease.
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    Be careful about utilizing a concept of generosity that is too broad. Be generous with the aspects of a community that you can identify with and that will either defend or allow you to perpetuate your existence.

    I assume your church is part of your identity, so as long as being generous benefits you social status, reciprocal gifts or reproductive opportunity, then it is not necessarily a weakness.
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  5. it all comes to your volition when you gave it away. Did you give it away as a compassionate act to share because you feel abundant and non attached, or did you give it as a reaction to please another or dogmatic rule?

    You only know the answer and EITHER way you deserve tons of self-love and compassion.

    If you gave it as an act of compassion and non attachment, that was the christ consciousness in you blossoming, if you gave it as a reaction to please other that was your awakener to stop being a doormat because that is not your highest service to humanity.

    Through it is painful to discover you are being a doormat and you cant own your No, you start to awaken to a higher level of existence and will start to own your YES and own your NOs and as a result become a much more powerful and selfless servant who is more trustable.

    Either way you are going to evolve through this for the very reason that you took the time to examine your previous actions and deserve wisdom from it :)

    Much love to you
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    “Unfortunately not. Sorry about that,” would have been the correct answer, OP.
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  7. you shouldve said "dont you see this is my steak!" and grabbed the steak with your hand and started eating it like a wild animal..
    maybe then he would've realized his error in asking..

    this is the only community that cares about some guy who was too nice and gave the steak he (very badly )wanted away to someone who asked for it. ..and i heart it.
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