I Hate being a Man !

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    Well I believe that if you’ve made the time and effort to build up a deep, trusting and sincere combined love and friendship with a girl, and she truly feels the same way about you, you will have a power that makes you far more attractive than any gawky millionaire or dim-witted hunk. Girls treasure strong, meaningful bonds, and if she has any self-respect she’ll be afraid to lose that bond she’s developed with you. This fear of loss will override any form of attraction she may feel for the other guy, and keep her loyal to you. Additionally, every girl has her own set of preferences, just as every guy does. Some are not attracted to millionaires because they don’t fancy the swanky lifestyle and all the press attention it attracts, and some are completely put-off by the thick-headed arrogance of muscle-bound gym-bods because they value humility and intelligence. It’s all down to whether you and your girl are compatible in the first place, and how compatible you two are.

    Also be mindful of how your relationship is going, and if it seems to be going awry, take steps to set it back on course - if you’re not spending enough time with your girl, make some time to spend with her. If she thinks you’re not earning enough money, work harder in the aim to get a promotion. If you’re being too domineering or submissive, work on improving your inner strength to keep you assertive - neither aggressive nor submissive.

    The trick is not to let it be destroyed in the first place. Don’t allow yourself to get wound up by other guys, because they and your girl will sense that and know you’re easily rattled. Trust in your own innate personal charm and attractiveness, and if your girl is the right one, she’ll continue to love you for it, in part because of your particular charm, and in part because of your own confidence in it. This confidence will also put off any other guys from stealing your girl, because they’ll realise any attempt to do so won’t work and that you won’t have any shit with them.

    Even if your girl does choose to leave you, then obviously she was the wrong girl - she wasn’t worth your love, it’s her problem, not yours - and you’re free to look for the right girl. Continue to trust in the ability of your own personal charm, and one day you’ll meet a girl that you just click with.
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    Well assuming your age you're only 22years old right?

    So you know nothing about humans nature or female nature in general

    Females are extremy selfish and are savages, you don't know that probably

    You can get along with a Women and be compatible with her and still leave you whenever she feels like it

    You don't understand that this world is superficial, and emotions became flaky

    Womens don't value us as Males, and think they have the Power because they have the "Pussy Power" or whatsever they claim.

    They only care about their own selfs, their own happiness, their own pleasures, and they can leave you at the second they feel that you're not worthy anymore of their love of if they find someone who's better than you.

    That's called: Hypergamy feminine

    You're just 22 so you don't know womens nature and still believe in the Real Love i guess. but all of that doesn't exist and the proof is if it has ever existed why haven't you found it Yet? it's simple because it doesn't exist, and womens are immature and only think about their own selves and to be independant

    At the moment womens became Independant, We males became Ruined.
    We lost the sparkle that made us Mens, now womens can be independants and get money by themselves, why the fuck she'll waste her precious time with some lazy fat ass dude if she can get whatever she wants and have one night stands, and get everything this world has to offer?.

    Pussy Power my friend and hypergamy and Independence made us Mans like vermines.

    That's a hard pill to swallow but it's the sad truth we're living in this modern year and age
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    I think the op made some fair and valid points. When it comes to dating and relationships women hold the best cards, simple. It's not that one rule covers all, just that overall that's fair comment.
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    Hello my friend, I hope that my answer is going to be helpful to you because it's coming straight fron the heart.

    Today's society is a little hard, but hold on gor a moment and think back throughout history, your life is extremely extremely great to millions if not billiona of men who lived back in histroy.

    If you are questioning your own existance today, how about someone who was living a slave his whole life and has to be sold from a master to another, and he will be beaten and beaten repeatedlly for years and had no option but to obey his owner, this is a hard life a truelly hard one, and billions of people went through it, day and night in a repeated cycle until death. No Sex for life, Yes for life.

    Sex wans't anything special back than because truelly it is only a mean of Reproduction, yes of reproduction - that is it's true nature.

    Today we live in a society were capitalism plays a huge role, huge corporations control the market and their success is linked to how much products they sell and how much money they make, in order to do that - they studied the humankind and how he behave - there is a field into this named neuroscience, and neuro marketing - they know that sex sells - and that men are built to reproduce - so they made a marketing conpagne around women and sex. The reason for this is only to make men - behave unrationally and follow sex whenever it is, turning it into the norm.

    Dating Apps need to be popular, in order to do so - they allowed girls to post their sexy picture thus making many men follow them. You are not someone slave bro, You don't want to end up making profit for a dating up. Break free from all this, and go do what is necessary for your development.

    Sex is the most Hyped up bullshit of this era.

    Forget your d*** man, you don't need to sleep with many women in order to survive, don't put your self esteem under someone or anyone who doesn't deserve it! Believe in yourself and go build yourself up in all aspect of life Health and Finance!

    Don't compare yourself to anyone's and don't follow the crowd - named society! I'm giving you the mindset of the 1% - don't fall back to 99% thinking.

    Stick around here, we all are working to improve ourselves and break free from this Hyped Up Bullshit named Sex / Porn.

    All you need is one woman, and not for sex! But for relationship and for building a family.

    And there are plenty of these, but you won't see them - Simply because theu don't hang out in Bars and in Clubs! They are busy building up their future.

    Focus on becoming a Golden Manz instead of becoming Garbage!

    Good Luck - Welcome to NOFAP and if successful welcome again to the 1% of Real Alpha Men.
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    1) That's wrong, that they don't chase you doesn't mean no woman ever chase a man, get over it.
    2) Well, their genetics go in decline faster than our hardwork, also, have you ever met a girl obsesed with her weight? even when she is fine? get real please.
    3) Lmao, alright, with that mindset yeah, guaranteed.
    4) Well, if you are straight, sure hahahaha
    5) Self-value derived from others have those issues, find value from within.

    Wrong, like, yeah if you are fit as a girl is a complete different game, I'll give you that, but as a general statement is simply, wrong, also who hurted you mate?

    The point is being a man is awesome mate, what the hell are you whinging about.

    Yeah, sure, what about no, and I will admit, that the idea of a housewife is super appealing, but not forced, and not because "I need to have value by being the one that gets the money", I don't value myself by those standards, I rather derive value from other aspects of myself, and well money is great but I cannot all be reduced to that.

    Call me vermin again you....!
    Nah nah just kidding, bruh, with that mindset no wonder, we ain't no vermin.
    And if you think a woman rather have a sextoy instead of sex with, as you put it a "Real Man", I would call that delusional.

    Sorry if I might have been a bit blunt perhaps on this reply, but that self-defeating mindset was asking for it.
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    And Who are you?
    Tell me three good things about you.
    Because so far I can tell that you are the guy that tells himself that has 0% chances with women, so....
    I mean I'm not a rocket scientist but doesn't sound like a winner mindset.

    Hitting the nail on the head I see.

    And what if a meteorite falls from the sky and we all die tomorrow?
    And what if suddenly we have Corona-23 airborne brain melting virus and we all die?
    And what if.... what if.... what if...
    And what if you happen to be her true love, and things are good, and have a good life, like you know, a substancial amount of people during the whole freaking human history?

    I mean, I'm pretty neurotic but mate you make me feel like a super-mega-positive guy in comparison.
    I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but seriously, first thing first, is get your chin up, and not defeat yourself, life is already tough as it is, and it will kick you and push you down as it is, the last thing you need is you putting you down yourself.

    Take care mate :emoji_slight_smile:
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    You have that optimistic mindset and that idealistic vision of this world because you don't know how much Life can be Rude and how much people can be assholes.

    You'll learn, I'm young but trust me man, I feel like i'm 80years old with the experience and what I've seen

    People are Crual.

    My vision of this world is: Life is anything that can go wrong.
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    Lmao. that made me laugh
    Do you seriously think i Would have made a Thread on this forum and written all of theses if Life was like that?

    All i can say is that you're naive my friend and you'll suffer a Lot.

    People like you end up comitting suicide.

    That optimistic Vision you have on this World is wrong & Fake and you have no freaking idea.

    Life exceeds fiction sometimes my friend.

    I've never seen anything more crual and more hypocritical than Life.

    You'll See. You'll Regret. You'll Learn. You'll become Pessimistic
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    I'm afraid you are the one the will learn.

    Mate, I used to think exactly like you after my first heartbroke, that's what ticks me off, and fuck yeah the world is posssibly the darkest cruelest place, and people can be cruel beyond measure and complete assholes.
    But you know what? That's a shitty mindset that only leads to suffering, just giving you a hint mate.
    Do whatever you want, think whatever you want.

    Your mindset determines your reality, life is what it is.

    You literally have no idea.

    Funny, I could say exactly the same.

    Mate, if you think I ignore how dark this world is, how cruel humans can be, YOU ARE HIGHLY MISTAKEN
    I just rather focus on the good things about humans, in the good people, that brings me more joy and happiness to me and the few surrounding me.

    It also does on the good things.

    I've seen cruel and hypocritical humans, life itself? life itself doesn't give a crap about us mate, step up your pessimism if you are going that road lmao.

    I've seen, I've learned, I stopped being pessimistic.
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    I think the first thing you need is believing in yourself and believing in your ability to be a successful person.
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    Well, if the age on your profile is correct, you're 23, and I'm going to turn 23 at the end of this month, meaning we're pretty much the same age, and if age has anything to do with experience of human nature, you're pretty much as inexperienced as I am. Join the club, buster.

    Not all of them. I know that because I've met some truly wonderful girls who I loved in the past. True, I didn't make the move on them when I should have done, but that was because of my own stupidity and weakness at that time, not because true love doesn't exist. Life is the best teacher and I know better now. Also I had school, college and university work and I put that first, quite rightly. I now know what to do to properly show a girl my interest, and apart from my new job I'll be starting soon, I won't have anything to stop me from going after the love life I want.

    Not if you develop a strong enough bond with her. As I said before, women value strong and deep connections, and are petrified of losing these meaningful relationships. Any girl worth my love won't leave me because she'll value the love she and I will share.

    To be honest there are a lot of men in this society who are similarly superficial, selfish and pleasure-obsessed - our gender is just as bad, with followers of 'red pill' 'macho culture' crap seducing women and then leaving them carrying their foul offspring while they're off chasing the next poor innocent girl. Filth like this had been going on for centuries, especially during the time when men dominated women.Yet this is not the case with everyone, there are still good people of both genders. I know this because I have met some of them, and they are some of my dearest friends. As @SickSicko says, there's no point continually moaning and ranting at the bad people because they won't listen, it's better to simply value the remaining good people more, as a reward for their civilised behaviour and as an encouragement for them to remain respectable.

    Not all girls want one-night stands as I have said before. There are still respectable women out there who want families and to raise their children with two parents to give them the best chance of survival (a single-parent lifestyle perpetually damages the child because it gives them an unbalanced view on how the two genders work). You just have maintain high standards and look for those women. You make it sound as if men are tyrants who rely upon keeping women dependent on them, and that it's women's fault that society is so messed up now, but to be honest both genders have their flaws if they don't put in the work to better themselves, and the most successful relationships involve both partners seeing each other as equals.

    This modern age is degenerate and hedonistic, I agree, but you can't let it get you down, otherwise you've already lost, and those feminist bitches have won. I know how you feel, last year for a short time I honestly felt as though I was going through depression, and I had lost all hope at the idea of achieving my dream of finding a beloved partner, but I knew I couldn't go on like this. It was fortunate that I came across groups and advice that appealed to what a true alpha is (none of this 'macho culture' shit from idiots like Corey Wayne, true alpha-male behaviour is balancing respecting yourself and those around you, including women).

    Does it guarantee that I'll get a long-term partner? Of course it won't, but at least I'll have given it my all, because that's all I can do. That's all anyone can do. Better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all.
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  12. "It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society", Krishnamurti said YEARS ago. Never mind. Girls could give you many reasons why they hate to be a girl. Whether male or female, life can be a *****, if we are hooked on validation, approval, clicks and likes, fucks and drinks, looks, opinions and pixels.
    I wonder what you would say if you were a girl? That you hate all the guys chasing you, objectifying you, only wanting to fuck you, get you drunk and abuse you, have you as their doll, get payed less for the same job etc?
    Hm ... seems you are frustrated, that's better than being depressed. Maybe some martial art can help. Why not working on becoming a better version of Bruce Lee? Just joking :). Anyway, be the man you would love to date if you were a girl, be the man you would love to hire if you were an employer, be the man of your choice and don't let society define how and who you should be, be the man who sits while taking a piss or stand, be the man that can make an internal shift and know that the world is already a better place now cause you are in it. Just as you are. You may not be perfect but you certainly are special.
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  13. This.
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  14. Well, if your a woman, you deal with periods and reproductive health. Men just deal with boners and blue balls. Men have always had it easier until porn, video games, and social media came along...
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    In my opinion, women has after reaching a certain age much harder then men.
    Yes it's true, that women in their golden age (16 - 35) have an easier life and will be approached by men.
    But i see A LOT of women, who are old, fat or have childs and strugle to find men. If they find a men, then they are used only for sex and will be dumped.
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    How can you be optimistic after passing from a bad Experience ?

    For me I lost my First and Real Love, she dumped me because She thinks that I'm Ugly, she never said it, but it's My intuition that told me this.
    i tried to become her Friend, and when i came out and told her about my feelings she Instantly blocked me. Why? Because I think that I'm ugly.

    And then my bestfriend betrayed me, I was bringing him to my House, He had money issues, i was giving him Money, and paying for him a lot of Stuffs, and in the end of the day, I found out he was talking trash about me, One day he came to my house and Told everyone that I had some Tissues with sperm on the floor of my Room, and i became a Fool in high school because of him.

    So, I lost all hope in Humanity, after my First Love broke my Heart, and this idiot mother f**** talked trash and got me bullied for 3 years straight in school.

    I got bullied in school from the age of 15. Exactly when i Started PMO.

    And things never got Better, Only hypocritical people talking to me etc..

    I'm really Angry about Life! I wanna cry, Sometimes i wanna go to a Desert Place, and Scream so Loud and SAY : WHY THE FUCKKKKKKK I WAS BORN IN THIS FUCKING WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SCREAM with all my Force and Energy and Adress this to the whole Universe because Sometimes i Feel that Life is so freaking Unfair to me.

    Why can't I have the Love that I wish for, Respect from People, Not having Betrayal Trauma in my Life that ruined my whole Mindset and self-respect and self-value to others, people treat me like an ATM machine, they only see me as a Provider, even my friends, and the girls that friendzone me

    I've also had some girls that Told me that they want to be my grilfriends untill I gave them money and then they ghosted me and blocked me 3 days later.

    Why? Am I Ugly? Is there something wrong with me? I don't understand?
    Do we need to resemble the BTS Guys from music videos on Youtube so that womens can have Sex with you and Respect you?

    • What's fucking wrong with me

    Your Mindset is Great for an Angelic World, I Can't survive with your Mindset because Firstly, I don't wanna Suffer so I prefer to see everything negatively so Life doesn't take me by Suprise again, and I can't support the Suffering i Feel in my Heart after the Betrayal Trauma i Lived. So I numbed all my Feelings for People, I have 0 Feelings sometimes I'm afraid that I hava became a Psychopath or a Murderer because I don't feel any sort of Empathy anymore. I don't know what's wrong with me, Am I becoming like Dexter or what?
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    You are frustrated about not having a girl you like right? And you think the only logical solution is to become a girl?

    isn’t a better solution to find a girl you like? It is very difficult to do that without a 90day reboot

    I couldn’t find a girl and had been doing PMO for over 20 years. Then I did a reboot and found a fiancé. Things were going well but 90days wasn’t enough and I still had some negativity so I sabotaged it.

    now I am planning another 90day+ reboot.

    how long have you been porn free for?
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    if you numb your feelings you will remain stuck, you have to deal with your feelings
  19. focus on yourself before you focus on sex
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    The fact she never said what really prompted her to dump you means it could have been for all manner of reasons - maybe you weren't communicating often enough for her liking, maybe you weren't spending enough time with her, maybe she is just that kind of girl that always sees and moans about flaws in people. Alternatively, she could have sensed the lack of confidence in yourself that obviously existed deep inside you, and has now materialised itself in full force. Regardless, the fact she was the one who dumped you meant she obviously wasn't the right one for you. It's her loss, not yours.

    The worst thing you can do is blame yourself for all this. True, I wouldn't have given your friend my money, I'd have said 'can't you spend your own money on that?', but it sounds like you did nothing else wrong. The fact that your 'friend' betrayed your trust and spoke behind your back means he's the weakling, not you. People like that tend not to have any real friends, because they are not real friends to anyone themselves, and are some of the least popular people around. Know that you did the best you could to be a friend to him, and don't let the memory of him anger you, because otherwise he will have won, because he's upset you all the more. Bullies thrive on ruling through fear, because they are spineless themselves, and the only thing you can do to stop him from winning is to show resistance, by ignoring and forgetting the things he did to you. Don't have anything more to do with him, he's not worth your respect.

    I know how you feel, I was bullied at school on-and-off from when I was around 10 (sometimes when I was even younger than that) all the way to when I got my GCSEs at 15. For a long while after I used to get angry at the things those douchebags said and thought about what I would say to them if I ever met them again, but now I've realised that it's their problem, not mine. I did nothing wrong, they were the ones who were being dicks, and were thus proving themselves to be weaker than and morally inferior to me. What's more, I've never seen any of those wankers again, so I've never had to worry about them again. Let go of the past, it's not worth it.

    Life can be unfair, but it's unfair to everyone, not just you, and that's not going to change just for you, of its own free will. The only way in which things will get any better is if you put some effort into building yourself into a better man - nothing will work if you don't.

    Again, you shouldn't see this as your problem. The fact those girls went so low as to use you for your money is their problem, not yours, because they're the ones doing bad things. They are the weak ones, and are probably gold-digging wh*res you'd never consider getting together with in reality.

    It's highly unlikely you are ugly, and even if you aren't the best looker, as a guy this doesn't matter. As I've said before girls are less drawn to looks, at least girls worth your time anyway. They are drawn to ways in which men behave and act toward them and others. I've met several blokes who've been pretty average looking, no better-looking than me at any rate, yet they had girlfriends. I certainly will find one one day, and you will too, providing you change your current attitude. That's the only thing that appears to be wrong with you. It's your personality and your inner strength you need to work on, and the first thing you can do is to accept the things from your past, while also ignoring them and focusing on the future. The past doesn't matter anymore, it happened, yes, but you can't go back and change it. There's no point upsetting yourself about it because that'll only make you feel worse. The future, on the other hand, can be changed, providing you put the effort into it. Get a job and work hard, and get out to hobby clubs and societies and play hard. You'll become a far stronger and more confident man when you put that effort in and get the rewards out of it. Think back to when you were in your relationship, and when you and your 'friend' were the best of pals - you must have felt at the top of the world, mustn't you? That great feeling will return, when you meet other people who do respect you and girls who are drawn to you, providing you put that effort into rebuilding your inner strength. And this time, keep a balance between respecting yourself and others - by all means be kind and helpful to others, but learn to draw your boundaries at things you definitely don't want to do.

    You can't be a psychopath or murderer unless you've actually done things to hurt or even kill people yourself, and I certainly hope you never consider actually doing anything like this, because those people are far weaker than you are at this very moment - you'll only be lowering yourself further and further down the ladder of respectability. Don't throw away the good strong person you once were, because that'll be the saddest thing to ever happen to you.

    And the thing is, if you see everything negatively, you're only going to make your lack-of-a-girlfriend problem worse, because nobody likes someone who is all doom-and-gloom, particularly girls you fancy. We only have one life in the world of the Living as us, and the last thing you want to do is waste most of it feeling sorry for yourself. You'll regret all that wasted time if you end up an old man alone and without any family to love you or cherish you. You don't want to have any regrets on your deathbed, do you? Because any you do have will haunt you until your last moments upon this Earth, which I can only imagine would be a horrifying feeling.
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    Thank you very much you seems to understand me, and I love that.

    But for Sure I don't wanna finish Lonely.

    But can you explain to me one thing?

    How I'm I supposed to make a Family If no Girl want to be my Girlfriend or go in a Date with me without it being Transactional ?

    How I'm I supposed to Build a Family if no Girl loves me?

    How I'm I Supposed to not be left Alone if Girls find me Ugly and don't even wanna talk to me?

    Do you know how Girls treat me?

    They treat me like a Ghost, Like i doesn't exist, like a Weird guy, or the pervert guy from animes that all girls Hate. That's exactly how I'm I getting treated, I'm getting ignored most of the time, And I don't seem to understand what's the Reason ?

    Is it Ugliness ? Personality ? Something else?

    Also, I always smile, laugh, etc... So the problem is not with my Personality, But Womens don't aproach me ! I don't seems to know why? Maybe they don't simply Like my Vibe or something...

    That's Sad

    Girls don't want even to have Sex with me.

    The few girlfriends I've made were the biggest gold diggers of the century and got rid of me at the moment they got Money, or I paid at a restaurant

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