I Hate being a Man !

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    Because lingering on the suffering of the past experiences will prevent you from having new good experiences, it will turn you resentful, twisted, full of hate and disdain for other people, and essentially you will just keep suffering.

    If I'm reading this right, she didn't dump you, she rejected you, and you turned bitter, and rationalized an explaination without actually knowing the factual reason, you may be right, you may be wrong.

    I mean that's the thing about betrayal, it never comes from an enemy, I can relate to this, I still have trust issues, due to the betrayals I suffered in my life, but let me tell you this, so just because someone betrayed you, are you willing to sacrifice your good nature? become or try to become basically someone you are not deep inside? Take it as a lesson, no carefully measure the extent of your good will with people, but don't let that destroy your good will as a whole.

    Life it what it is, is not unfair, nor it's fair, that's up to you.

    Self respect if not derived from others, it comes from within, respect yourself, truthfully, and people will start to respect you back in most cases, you probably will have to master all this dark emotions to find balance in your life, not to destroy and suffocate your good will, but also know when to be a bit of an asshole whenever is required.

    The only thing that's wrong is that you think there is something wrong.
    Not living up to your own expectations can do that to you, but it eventually will turn into a humbling thing.

    I mean, just look at my damn username, I'm still numb to certain extent, and I've been numb and dead inside for a good bunch of years, I suppressed my empathy, my capacity for loving and caring, thinking that will made me stronger, that feeling is a weakness, that if you don't have feelings you essentially cannot have them hurt, that you are better, but is all a lie, a coping mechanism in front of uncomfortable feelings, you need to, as I'm still doing myself to be completely honest, master your feelings, you either choose to suffer a empty numb life, suffocating your feelings inside you, or you live your life, risking having your feelings hurted, but enjoying the good ones.

    I've done things that are going to be a burden in my conscience until I die, just because I used to think exactly like that, and took it to some dangerous extremes, please don't do that to yourself.

    We don't live in an angelic world, neither in a hell, this world is tainted with shades of grey, but if you keep moving in the direction you are moving, is only darkness and suffering what awaits, if you choose to focus on the dark aspects of this world, that's all you will see, I'm not denying the horrible things that can happen to oneself, how horrible people can be, but that's not all there is in this life.
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    Nofap will help you, how long has your longest streak been?
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    Yeah, life feels unfair sometimes, but I don't know exactly how it feels to girls. It's just society trying to convince us. So, hope for the best.
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    Dude you are trying too hard to predict the future, all you are doing is making yourself more and more anxious about things, learn to accept and love yourself first and the rest will all fall into place. Not one of us is anywhere near perfect and that includes all the so called hot chicks and handsome dudes. Give yourself a break man.
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