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    Once again I relapsed. I'm trying to stay dedicated. I feel like I'm getting worse. I've relapsed 3 times in the past 2 weeks. Why can't I just die alreadyyyyy
  2. Hi,Don't worry friend.Its very strong addiction to quit.No doubt when we do relapse we really feel bad.But now only option you have just start again.And don't worry you are not alone here.If you need any help then message me.Bt the way all the best.Never lose hope.I know u can do this.
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  3. Keep on trying. You must make your one day once... gd lk
  4. fight urge by urge man. Go crazy in your head. whenever u feel an urge you go outside and take a walk, no matter what.
  5. Your in a dark place so you mind will be clouded but I've found that it helps to have a strong realistic vision of who you want to be. Not just some abstract concept like a super productive, self-controlled, perfect, 12-pack, big muscled, guy with a 1000 day streak but something deeper and more meaningful, like a character with the traits and virtues you value and perhaps someone with a different music taste and aesthetic style that better matches your objective. Then you can safely kill your old self without having to die!
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    Explore new alternatives .Never stop trying. I relapsed 9 times last month which is a lot less than the previous .Dont hate yourself.

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