I hate goodbyes:(

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    I moved out of home this September, I left my small home town and moved to a big city. My friends back home I drifted apart from before I left and in the months before that too:/ It just wasn't the same anymore.

    I moved to student accomodation this September and have since made friends with the best possible group imaginable. People from Ecuador, India, Norway, Cyprus, Greece, Mexico, Spain, Kuwait! It really is incredible.

    We have got on so well, and I have never felt so happy with a group of people.

    But, two of my closest friends from the group are leaving soon:( and I won't see them again it's very unlikely.

    As we're all from different places, it will be hard to stay connected.

    One- who I have been best friends with since we met in September, leaves tomorrow morning, and the other leaves next week.

    They both return to Liverpool in September for the next uni year, but I don't as I finish my course next week:( So I won't be here with them again. My course is only for one year.

    I am very upset atm and I have a feeling I'm going to cry. I am terrible at goodbyes.

    Although, we can still keep in touch, it won't be the same. The two that are leaving live right next door to me and we always knock each others doors most days and talk a lot.

    I am going to thinking about them leaving and being sad about them going when I have revision. I have 3 exams next week, and I know I will be feeling down :(
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    Man, I feel you, but I don't think goodbyes are that hard, see what I mean: You've gotten used to seeing those people a lot, and of course, you're going to miss them, however, all the time you've spent together isn't going anywhere, and you'll probably still be friends for a long time.

    Remind yourself that this is not a goodbye forever, but rather a new beginning. From my experience, I can tell you that really good friends are bound forever (I have met up with friends I hadn't seen in years and really, it was still the same), plus, you returning home (or wherever you're going after your course) after all the experience you've gained will open a lot of doors for you, to develop yourself and to meet new, amazing people!

    I don't know if I'm being helpful, but I hope I can cheer you up a little bit and remind your that it is how we respond in this situations what defines us as men. Keep it up!
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    Thanks man, I appreciate that :) I know it's not goodbye forever, but he's from India and I live in England. I know I we'll meet other people, but this group of friends I've made is truly unique, there are like 12 different nationalities In our group!

    Yeah, thanks it did cheer me up:)
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    Friends come and go, the precious few we get to keep with us.

    Life moves on with or without everyone else.
    With that comes oppertunity to fill the gaps with the new people.
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