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    I'm working as video editor, and now i have to edit a video club promote... so there are bunches thots, bikini, big booty, twerking etc... and the deadline is due, i can't deny the work... I was actually hesitated before i agree to take the job cause i heard the word " club " when i check the footage, i am right...

    What shall i do? if i edit the video and seeing all those footages count as relapse?
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    It won't count as a relapse but I would recommend you to try your way to go around like something happened to you or someone else if you really don't want to and haven't got paid yet.. but if it's the opposite case... Then you have to edit the video and consider this a bad experience and try your best to not do it again!
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    well bro, this might be how you test your strength. do your job, take a cold shower if you have to.
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  4. Time to get a new job. Sorry man, but you can't be doing this kind of work if you are an addict, you will never heal.
    Can an alcoholic work all day at "Bev Mo"? hellnaw....
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    I don't know where that is, but I agree with the gist of this reply.
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    If you stay in a barbershop long enough, you're gonna have to get a haircut.
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    It won't urge me to pmo... I have done nofap long enough, also what am i supposed to do? It's well paid job, and I'm in financial needed too...
  8. 123potatochamp

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    I don't think so lol
    Then what else am i supposed to do? I needed money, i couldn't just tell the guy " i can't continue working for u since it too sexual" that sound odd... Also I'm in financial needed, what I'm gonna do, however from watching those it never urge me to pmo
  9. 1. if it never urges you to PMO, why are you here? It sounds like you are lying to yourself. You have a problem with PMO, and that's why you are here. We are here to help you and each other.

    2. Financial need is real. It's why many people turn to the P industry. but if you can do ANYTHING else - work as a cook, a janitor, a barista, or anything else that is often hiring...it will likely be better than this. The P industry, and stuff like this will destroy your mind and your soul...and worse. My ex got into this stuff, then strip clubs and from there got into drugs and other problems. She is now on heroin and is a complete mess.

    3. If nothing else, please just get honest with yourself. Admit you have a problem with P and that you want help to get your life back together. You are worth it!
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    I have problem with pmo long time ago, until i would say I probably heal, but the fear of going back to pmo and relapse, is still detrimental me. Also if i was lying to myself about control urge to pmo, i probably relapsed after i finished the job... Fortunately i finished the job just fine, of course it does getting horny when going through the clips, but it never urge me to do pmo at all... Also they planning to make daily video for them in a time where i need money the most... I'm not sure it is wise to deny the job

  11. It's not uncommon for sex / PMO addicts to relapse after 1, 2, 5 years of sobriety. I did it myself after 7 months.
    We all want to feel in control, just like any drug addict that feels they can "stop any time they really want to."

    In SAA there is a concept of "middle circle" - those things that lead us to out worst addictions. In NoFap they call it edging.
    Sustainable sobriety is when we stay away from that.

    But it's up to you. The addict brain will come up with *anything* to get what it wants. I know, I'm a master bullshitter. I'm an absolute pro at justifying any behavior and thinking my way through it to describe it as "healthy" or "needed."

    As someone said once in SAA,

    "my inner addict will sell me dirt on the street and make it sound wonderful."

    The question is, how long do you want to eat dirt?
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    I believe if i could hold myself long enough and also tried to put sort of adjustment on those tits and sexy bikini dancers to hide sexual parts... like im deadass in financial needed, literally 15$ in my bank right now, they change 40$ per video... if i choose this job then how am i suppose to pay bill, it not like im edging throughout entire video processing
  13. 123potatochamp

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    last video i edited it wasn't too sexual but two girl wear bikini were touching each butt while sexy dancing... i tried avoid pmo at all cost, while maintain my professional... It sound extremely triggered to people in this community... however im really dont know what to do.