I hate PMO because..

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Overforme, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Daxos

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    I hate PMO because it reminds me that I am not in control of myself
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  2. I hate the time and energy and ambition I allowed it to steal from me. I hate it, but I love myself and will not let it overpower me again.
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  3. DavidHoover

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    I hate pmo becaue
    1. makes me addicted to watching other people having sex while I am beating my meat in the dark like a loser
    2. Hair fall.. The more I fap the more my hair falls for unknown reason
    3. Fetish. Seeing girl as an object of pleasure.
    4. Escalation. I keep watching until I watch a very sick porn genre
    5. Loneliness. No friends
    6. No goal and purpose in life
    7. Backpain, urine dribble, headache
    8. Brain fog, mental retardation because of prolonged pmo use
    9. PIED
    10. Depression
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  4. countitjoy5

    countitjoy5 Fapstronaut

    leaves you isolated and alone
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  5. Removing-Desire

    Removing-Desire Fapstronaut

    I hate pmo because it makes me feel like I am worshiping women
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  6. Because my girlfriend is very beautiful and attractive but i cannot have a decent erection when I am with here. PM made that and if i stop PM i will have a happy sex life with my girlfriend again
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  7. I think people hate it because of the shame and guilt it brings to the surface. It brings those things people want to berry deep and never have to see, but with porn - they have to.
    This activity is associated with worthless people, people that are not successful, those who are not deserving of anything good in life, people subconsciously tag themselves as worthless, useless and not deserving better when they find themselves doing such activities and that defines their life. Its a dark place to be.

    I often point out that pornography use is not the main cause of problems and many here resent me for it, but saying "it is not the cause of ones problems" it not "saying it is good".
    There is nothing good in abusing anything, its sad, even painful to see people fall so low and loose themselves, thinking of themselves as unworthy of anything good.

    So the worst part about it is your self esteem and how low it has to be to accept abuse of porn, that is truly scary.
  8. Overforme

    Overforme Fapstronaut

    I want to thank you all for your thoughts and insights in making my topic conversation worthy and eye opening. You dont win with pmo. You only sink deeper. You only start to grow as a person when its left behind so "a new you" can be re-born.
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  9. StoneyTrevor

    StoneyTrevor Fapstronaut

    I hate PMO....

    It Ruins A Great Strength- that we have deep hidden inside of us. It brings the darkness underneath everything and ruins the beauty. It makes me feel like negativity comes first. It makes things ten times uglier when they are actually great after all.

    “You can play a game, that you have never played. You can’t play a game that’s been played over and over again. “

    Keep strong
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  10. SherlockHolmes fan

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    Because I almost kill myself for this addiction, it gradually stole all the good things untill there was nothing worth living for.
    Keep strong, we'll beat this sh#t
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  11. motion2082

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    All of the above but mostly that it only feels good for 10 minutes and takes 30 days to even come close to feeling that high again. It latches onto your brain and distracts you from focusing on what’s really important. It also makes you hate women because you can only get them via Porn. It’s safe sex but you’re never satisfied
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