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  1. Hello everyone!
    In this thread i want to talk about my experience during the rebooting.
    Substantially i have a big problem...frustration, weakness and rage!

    Too much rage!

    I get angry for quite everything. At the beginning of day i try to control, cover or repress, but over time i will lose brackets!
    Moreover...i have bad behaviors with people near to me and this makes me feel worse.
    This is a signal of my addiction from PM and this motivates me to continue the journey but...

    I need to understand how i can control my emotion...this bad feeling, this so bad need to destroy everything! This is awful!
    I never thought that i will have this problem, i don't want to do something which i will repent in future!

    This thread is also a vent for me and i am so much grateful to you who have read this.
    Hope that someone has a good advice!
    Greetings to all of you!
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  2. I Free I

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    I say this a-lot but you ever considered meditation ?
    It may not work for everybody & may not even fix all your problems but it could work for you . Do some research & see if you would like to try it out.

    The great thing about this community is that a-lot of people on here are always willing to help . Stay Strong .
  3. Thank you so much for answering!
    I've never considered meditation, it is a good idea! It could help me so much!
    I'll try to do this...hoping that it will works!

    I know it and i am very gratful with heart to everyone of you for this!
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  4. abel_pua

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    Hi deepsul,

    I am going to gym and practicing a martial art, it does help me to control my rage and my frustration without hurting me or other people and it's also good way to kill the time and not PMO
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  5. pavloo91

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    Try telling yourself: "What will it matter in five years?". It sometimes helps me. But I know what you feel - I also have anger issues.
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  6. Your ideas seems very functional! I'll keep it in mind!
    I already practice sport, so i have already a "vent valve" for my rage, but your ideas are so charming and smart!
    Thank you so much to everyone for reading and answering! I'll try to follow your advices!
  7. Thank you for sharing this thought.
    Yes, you're right...this is an emotion, so we have to accept this and let it take course, telling to itself "ok, i am feeling so much anger now".
    If we work on this emotion we can control it and maybe take advantage from too!
  8. pavloo91

    pavloo91 Fapstronaut

    What about looking at anger as something positive and not negative? Use it as some kind of medium of information? When I feel anger, I find later that it's often because someone showed me something about me I don't like and I automatically try to cover it up with anger.
    Or when I feel helpless, I also try to cover it up with anger.

    Generally, I feel there is a difference between righteous anger resulting from the fact that someone really did something bad that is against your set of values and anger resulting from the above. I mean they are felt differently.

    Plus I think that anger is one of our (very often terrificly large) ego tries to stop us from changing.
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  9. lostandfound

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    Find balance in your life. Learn what causes your anger. Frustration comes from shame, shame comes from a big ego. Learn to be humble, silence your ego
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  10. stygian

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    I think the title is a mistake, it should be "am" instead of "have"
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  11. Thank you so much to everyone! So the problem is mainly in my ego...i will work on it, maybe here there is also an information that anger is trying to tell me!

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