I have a couple questions to clarify things

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    So while on nofap, let’s say your walking around and you feel pleasure from it hitting your leg but you aren’t trying to feel it, will that reset benefits? Also, let’s say your family members watch tv and you hear women with attractive voices on it but you can’t control what’s on the tv.. however, it’s still arousing you. Will that also do anything?

    I have been trying to find the answer to these and I would appreciate insight, thanks!
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    Don't worry about small things like that.
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    The world is a sexual place, it is filled with stimulus. It is actually a good thing simple things stimulate you. What porn does is desensitize you, your ulitmate goal is to be more sensitive to regular stimuli. In other words not dependent upon porn to be stimulated. Porn is over stimulation and this is what leads you to being desensitized. Just stay away from PMO. And dont use other avenues like sexy ig models etc as a substitute for porn. This will lead you back to porn. Seek out a real woma, a real relationship and real sex.
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